Preparing Joseph for a new baby – Behavioural Changes.


This topic in particular sets off all kinds of emotions in me and it’s actually been really interesting to see how the sense of change has already made an impact on Joseph’s behaviour. I always knew that it would be a little challenging with Joseph being that little older and more aware. Plus the fact …

Being Mum

Pregnancy Number 2 with a bigger age gap


6th February 2019 I made it no secret to Adam that when Joseph was 6months old I wanted another baby within a year. I just always had this idea that when I had children, there wouldn’t be much of an age gap between them. As with many things in life, things don’t always work out …


London Restaurant Festival 2018 on behalf of Bookatable


I can’t believe it is almost a year since we got the pleasure to have Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester on behalf of Bookatable. http://jaxandjoseph.co.uk/uncategorized/festive-afternoon-tea-at-the-dorchester-on-behalf-of-bookatable/ This year has flown by, and although a lot has changed as it often does, one thing that stays consistent is my love of food, and eating out. Date nights …