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Being Mum

How to motivate your little ones


Being a mother of young children can be challenging at times. From not knowing how to provide for them in the best way you can to worrying about whether their needs are being met, there is no experience like the one offered by motherhood. If your children’s behaviour is at times challenging and you have …

Being Mum

Anyone can change their life for the better


Lifestyles When we live unhealthy lifestyles, it can often be hard to break out of them; some people even doubt their success before they start. The main issue that people find it hard to succeed in this improvement process is because they consider the road over the result. It does take a lot of time …

Being Mum

Making your chaos slightly more organised

Are you one of those mums who struggle with mess? You may have seen my post last week regarding this, so you will know that your not alone. Every mum loves to see their child playing and having fun, but sometimes, you just can’t control that feeling of dread when you watch buckets and boxes …


Help your child to reach their full school potential

When you are a Mum, your first job is to provide the basic needs of your little one: food, shelter, warmth and protection. But as they get older, things get a little more complicated. You have to think about things like emotional support and of course, supporting their learning. You might believe that at a …