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Being Mum

Anyone can change their life for the better


Lifestyles When we live unhealthy lifestyles, it can often be hard to break out of them; some people even doubt their success before they start. The main issue that people find it hard to succeed in this improvement process is because they consider the road over the result. It does take a lot of time …


Festive Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester on behalf of Bookatable


Happy New Year to one and all!! I hope you all had a great Christmas, eating all the food and drinking all the drink – I certainly did! It was truly magical, and Ill go so far to say it was probably the best one yet! One of my highlights for Christmas, was being given …


My Excema Saviour – Aloe Vera Propolis Creme


I love my blog! We’ve been going strong for a good year now and I’m so proud of what we have achieved BUT I have also found a new passion with working for Forever Living! As much as I love Forever and as much as I am passionate about it, I also have a lot …


‘I’M JEALOUS’ – there I said it


I’m a Scorpio, and its common knowledge that being a Scorpio and jealousy go hand in hand.  That said though, I like to think that I get jealous for the right and obvioust reasons. and anyway us women all have ‘cray cray’ tendences, right?! Never did I think that I would get jealous when it …