Becoming Mum


So, you’ve just found out your pregnant? Your trying for a baby? Simply wondering what this Mum malarkey is all about? Or one of my friends just having a snoop? Whatever the reason may be – Hi!!!!

I have been doing this ‘mum thing’ for almost a whole year now. I’m winging it, I’m learning  and I don’t think I am doing half a bad job at it so I thought I would share some tips and tricks I have picked up along the way!

Since having Joseph, a couple of my friends have decided to jump on board the baby train (yay) and have asked me tips on the purchases I made in prep for the little guy. As a first time parent, we done the inevitable and probably went a bit more overboard than we probably should have, but people can tell you until they are blue in the face and you just wont listen. It is YOUR first baby and you want to get it PERFECT! So, for that very reason I am not here to tell you what you shouldn’t get – it is personal preference after all – but I shall give you my tips on stuff that I would really recommend.

I was one of the first out of my girlies to have a baby, so apart from being given advice from a couple of friends and sister in laws I have pretty much relied on google, mumsnet etc. As helpful as they have been though,  the only issue is that some of the advice and recommendations are either American or pretty dated. I will try and keep up to date as I can and get tips and recommendations along the way from my pregnant friends – G and J I am coming for you !