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My decision to have a Home Birth


Since I can remember I have been so fascinated with pregnancy, birth and becoming a Mum. Like some girls long plan their Wedding Day, I was always that way about having a baby. So when I found out I was pregnant with Joseph I went full force. Researching every element of pregnancy and labour, reading review upon review of every item before buying it, name it, I done it. Then came my birth plan; down to a tee I had every part covered of what I wanted aswel as hoping for a water birth. So when my due date passed and two weeks on I was having to be induced I was disappointed, but at that time I didn’t know any different.  By that point I was so desperate to meet my little boy, I didn’t care by what means he arrived. At the time I didn’t know much about induction, and to be honest I didn’t really care. The excitement of meeting Joseph was too much. It was deemed as a quick labour compared to some, but looking back, the whole experience as amazing as it was at the end when I met him was actually quite traumatising and took me days to emotionally recover from. Even now, after having the birth I have always longed for, I realise even more so how different it could have been.

So when I found out I was pregnant this time around I was determined to make it a completely different and positive experience. Previously I felt as though I had no control but this time I wanted it to be so vastly different. I wanted to feel like I was actually being listened to. The first time around we was left in limbo alot of the time whilst I was in labour, with different people coming in and out and being an anxious person I need communication and reassurance quite alot, which I was able to communicate to my Midwife this time around. That said, without being naive I knew that there is only so much control you can have when it comes to the timing and way in which your baby decides to arrive, but still..I was determined to give it a go. This time around as I had intended to before, I had my heart set on a water birth, only  this time I wanted it to be in the comfort of my own home; my safe haven. I know its a bit airy fairy but I just had this idea of me giving birth at home, peacefully with candles and music and it just being this amazing, intimate experience. The complete opposite of what I had experienced before. So I went about my research; read books, online research, spoke to people who had also had home births and my mind was made up. Part of the reason I wanted to have Jessica at home was also because I wanted the whole thing to be as much of a smooth transition for Joseph as possible and I felt that this would work out much better for him. Naturally, Adam wasn’t so keen on the idea of it all as he felt as though there would be more risks but after speaking to professionals and being reeled off the hard facts he slowly but surely got on board. Admittedly he still wasn’t a hundred percent even towards the end, but he could see how important it was to me, and trusted my confidence – and I love him for that. I could tell he was nervous but I think towards the end, my excitement for it all put him much more at ease.  For that same reason, I decided to keep it relatively quiet  from people and their opinions. Naturally people worry, and not for a second am I knocking that, but also I feel that people (quite rightly) make assumptions without knowing the facts, which I do understand. I also think it depends on the kind of person that you are, in terms of whether a Home Birth would be right for you. I’m not going to start getting all preachy and start banging on  but statistically it is proven that births at hospital are more likely to need intervention compared to those at home. I’m going to do a separate post with my ‘Birth Story’ but what I will mention is, at home I only asked for gas and air as I was pushing,  compared to the epidural I was begging for when I was in hospital. Trust me, that wasn’t me trying to be brave or prove a point or be braggy.. I have no problem giving into something if I need it, I just felt relatively relaxed for the best part of my labour  so I didn’t feel that I needed it.

Anyway, 37 weeks came around and I had I had my Midwife visit us at home to do some safety checks to authorise that the house was easily accessible if in the event I/we needed to be transferred to hospital. After we were given the go ahead, every midwife app from there on was conducted at home and that in itself felt like a huge luxury. Just being able to lay on my sofa and be checked made me feel so much more relaxed. It was after the 37week appointment that I was then able to order my birthing pool. Depending on what area you live in, you can sometimes hire them from your local hospital but for us, this was something we would have to hire ourselves. We used ‘La Bassine’ and chose the small pool…for Adam it was never a question of whether he would be getting in the pool (as some blokes do) so the small was ideal just for myself. This cost £125 with a £70 deposit and you have it for a 5 week period, although you can extend if necessary. 

Then we set about getting the essentials and my creature comforts; 

Towels, and lots of em’ 

Waterproof sheets (for bed, sofa etc) 

Candles (I had lots of smelly candles, tealights and wax melts) 

Clean bedsheets to change afterwards

Clean pyjamas

Lots of biscuits 🙂

Plenty of Lucozade Sports and glucose tablets

Hospital Bag packed and ready to go if in the event we needed to be transferred.

A birth playlist ready to be played

Certain items that would bring me comfort in labour; my favourite throw, Ads dressing gown, fluffy socks and essential oils.

Birth Plan – again I was really specific on certain things with this, for example when I had Joseph.. I know it sounds silly but when they placed him on my chest he was so low down I couldn’t see him and that’s always stuck with me so I asked to make sure that this wouldn’t happen again. It’s funny the things that stick with you, or even bother you but that really did.

With all of the above set in place, it was now a case of waiting to see when our little lady would arrive, and if I would be lucky enough to get the birth that I wanted. I cant wait to follow this up with my Birth Story, which I will share with you all soon I promise!

What I will say though, is that as you will know, I was able to have my Home Birth and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I cant wait to share it with you, which I will in the next few days but until then, if you have any questions or its something that you are interested in having yourself, please pop me a message – I could talk about it all day long and would like to think I could be of some help for someone x

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