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Wow. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was here writing my original ‘Newborn Essentials’ list and now here I am a few crazy years later full steam ahead into the third trimester. This list in particular was the starting point of me blogging. Joseph was around 8/9 months old and one of my best friends found out that she was pregnant. She was asking me questions about what I had used for Joseph etc, so I composed her a big ole long list on ‘Word’ and pinged it over to her by email. It proved so helpful to her that she was the one that really planted the seed for me to start blogging. Coindidentally she is now pregnant again, due just 7 days before me! One of my bestest friends in the world, so now this time around we get to go to eachother for recomendations! Anyway, as mentioned before, and as with a lot of other expectant Mums, when I was pregnant it was all a complete minefield and learning curve (not to mention fricking overwhelming) I stumbled across a pregnancy blog where this lovely lady shared all of her recommendations (for the life of me I cannot seem to remember the name of the blog, annoying as I would have loved to share it with you guys) and at that point I didn’t even know blogging was a ‘thing’ – over the next few months I relied so much on blogs for recommendations and tips, that I wanted to be that person who could possibly help someone else in need such as myself! I could be that person, and I tell ya what.. as scary as it can be putting myself out there sometimes.. the fact that I am a help to a few is a pretty special feeling!

So here we are again. Through blogging, I am exposed to so many amazing Mamas who are forever sharing their recommendations and tips.. I feel that puts me in good stead to be able to pass them on to you guys. Not to mention the fact that being my second, I can personally give you my recommendations on items this time around. I’m sure that a lot of these items you will already be familiar with, and I would also like to mention that this is just my own personal preference. You may have things that work/don’t work for you – you do you.. it’s all soley personal preference! No draaaaamas Mamas 😉 x

Cocoonababy (from birth to upto 4months)

I don’t often seem to see as many Mama’s talking about this as I know that the ‘Sleepyhead’ has proved such a hit with many, but for us.. this worked a charm! After 4 nights of trying and failing to settle Joseph in a flat.. roomy Moses Basket.. and a lot of research I stumbled across a lot of raving reviews for the ‘Cocoonababy’ at a desperate 3am Google. So out we dashed(as much as our tired weary souls could manage)  to Bluewater the next day and we really didn’t look back! Pretty much like a memory foam nest for babies. It can assist with the dreaded reflux as it keeps them slightly upright and makes them feel ‘cocooned’ and comforted. In a desperate plea to the Health Visitor beforehand of ‘why wont he settle’ she said quite simply..’imagine for all of those months being in such a small, cosy, safe environment to suddenly being exposed’ ! Which totally makes perfect sense! It’s not cheap… but any new parent will know that you simply cannot put a price on atleast a couple hours sleep!

Perfect Prep Machine

Tomee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine –  I mean, this badboy for us was as essential as a coffee machine! Well for Adam that is.. at this point I wasn’t a coffee drinker..needless to say, this changed 2 days fresh into Parenthood!!! It really needs no introduction as I know it is so highly regarded to so many parents! Although.. that beeping noise will long haunt you for months after you no longer need to use it 😉 I don’t think the Health Visitors agree with it, so I have heard anyway.. however they also didn’t think much of me stopping breastfeeding at 4 months.. which speaks volumes! Although maybe that was me telling them it was Christmas and I wanted to drink 😉


Snuzpod3 Bedside Crib – With Joseph we had a rocking crib next to the bed, which we had no complaints with, although due to lack of space when we no longer needed it, I sold it ( I have a habit of doing this.clutter is not my friend ) As nice as it was, even at the time I had wished that we had got one of those ‘Next to me cribs’ I think the thought of him being directly next to me just felt so appealing, especially from a feeding perspective. So this time around I was adamant that we would get one of those, until I heard all about the Snuzpod. It elevates and tilts which again is perfect for settling and reflux/colic. I’m pretty sure the mattress comes free with all of them, but it may be worth checking. We got ours from the lovely Jo over at ‘Mini Maison’ as this time around, where possible, I vouched that I would buy what I could from Independent Businesses’

Changing Bag

Tiba & Marl I mean, firstly… who knew you could be SO excited over a Changing Bag, but yet here we are.

The excitement for this is very.much.real. With Joseph we had a ‘Silvercross’ bag which came as part of the bundle with the ‘Pioneer’ but I have to say that for us, I found it shockingly shit and I defo learnt my lesson. It was so bloody narrow, it made things a nightmare. At a squeeze you could bulk it out but would have to basically empty the whole contents of it just to get one thing out.. was a no from me. This time however, let me introduce to you ‘Tiba & Marl’ I’m just going to share the link and let it speak for itself. I have had to keep it at my Mother in Laws so that I don’t get tempted to use it yet. The quality is second to none (trust me I’m a basher, I need it’ it has that amazing fresh leather smell to it and so many compartments. Not to mention the appearance of it is right up my street.

Bottles & Steriliser

 Dr Browns  – Again personal preference. Before,  we had Avent and even at the time I wish that I had gone for ‘Dr Browns’ the fact that they’re meant to be perfect for Colic was the first thing that I liked, but also I just like the look of them. Amazon was the cheapest place I found the starter pack.


Silvercross Pioneer

I was so excited about this. I was yet to pass my driving test and was so excited to have very own set of wheeeeeeeeeeeeeels. Being the basher, it needs a little tlc, but apart from that it was perfect for us. With Joseph being older we plan on getting a buggy board attached, because he has been known to be a little lazy bones! The only regret that I personally have is getting it in ‘Sand’ standard first time parents wanting all the light and pretty colours!

Cellular blankets & Playmat

Mama Designs

Again, a lovely small business! I have heard such great things about these blankets, plus the fact that I like the look of them so we got the Cot blanket, Pram and the Quilted Playmat which is ideal as the whole of our downstairs is wooden flooring.


Schnuggle Bath

Again personal preference. I know so many people rave about the Angel Care seats, as did we..however our currently bath is so deep which makes it a little more difficult to bend down so figured this would be perfect. Would also allow me to bath the baby at the same time as Joseph being in the normal bath (god the thought of these scenarios make me so excited )


Aden and Anais – I mean, its really no exaggeration when you’re advised to just buy loads. Trust me you’ll need them and use them. I ordered a few nicer ‘Aden & Anais’ ones but also plan on getting the rest from Asda’s/Primark. I also ordered some large swaddle muslins which I think are soo pretty! They can range from £25 – £45 but I managed to find these ones on offer from Ocado

Swaddle sleeping bag

Love to dream – Lots of raving reviews for this. I mean, I’m not going to lie.. initially I thought they looked a bit odd however I have heard such good things!



Are you even a parent if you haven’t spent many a nights nose down, bum in the air searching for those sodding dummies.. mission impossible style. Those babies are like ticking time bombs. After many many… unsettled and sleepless nights I found this and for us, it was a miracle mover! I even originally shared a blog post on it  A few years on it’s a shabby old thing, but Joseph still adores it and uses it as his comforter. It’s basically a comforter that allows you to attach dummies to it so that the baby will rummage and be able to grab one of them in the night. Annoyingly though, my friend went to order one and they are now in New Zealand so you will have to allow around 10days delivery time.

I’m going to leave it here for now but those are my best buys so far. We still have a few bits to order which I will share with you when I have found the best price eg – Baby Bjorn bouncer and Baby Bjorn carrier.

Have any recommendations you would like to share with me and get posted on my blog? Pop me a DM and I’ll be happy to share!

Jax x 

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