Being Mum


Your baby is here! You got so used to being pregnant you believed that you would be, The bump, the boobs (no sadly they aren’t always for life), the bad back, everything that comes with pregnancy.. the good, and the bad.. because lets face it, there is bad! I had a good pregnancy and I loved being pregnant, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get the bad stuff that comes with it. Nope, you don’t feel as though you look like Rachel from Friends when she was preggers! Everyone tells you how good you look but  you just don’t buy into it. I personally think pregnancy is beautiful, yes beautiful for the fact that your growing a human, that part is pretty special but I just think the whole look of being pregnant is beautiful. I mean, who doesn’t love free big boobs!

So anyway, you’ve done your time – well done you, congrats you are a living legend. Now you have this baby looking up to you, right in your eye and they’re thinking ‘right, now what’ and you’re equally looking at them in the eye thinking ‘right, now what’ this is the start of your lifetime journey as a team. You’ll learn together and you’ll grow together. I’ve been doing it a year now and there is nothing that I am not learning (and googling) every day. I will be posting entries of my tips and personal recommendations – please see The holy grail – ‘ a good nights sleep ‘ for my first post on this!

Love, Jax X