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How to plan the perfect childrens Birthday Party.


If you have a child and their birthday is fast approaching then you will know how stressful it can be. After all, you have to plan out the invitations, find out who is actually coming and you will also have to plan the caterer as well. All of this can make the whole thing very difficult so it helps to have a guide that can take you through the whole process.

Choosing a Theme

When you have found a theme you then need to apply it to every single aspect of your party. For example, if you are planning to go to a pantomime then you will want to design the theme around that. This is a great way for you to try and merge any family birthday events with the actual party you are having. For example, if you are going to an Aladdin pantomime later on in the day then why not have an Agrabah themed menu at the party?



Keep it Short

Two hours is more than enough for a children’s party. You need to make sure that you keep the kids busy from the moment they arrive however, and the event should start as soon as most of the kids are there. You will want to serve any food or any cake in the last half an hour or so, as the natural end to a party is when the kids get tired or even get cranky. Of course, if you are not sure what to plan for the party then there are plenty of inflatable party hire services that can help you and this is a brilliant way for you to have the party at home or even at the local park.

Be Age-Appropriate

If you are having toddlers at the party then try and plan activities that revolve around this. You could have pin the tail on the donkey or you could even host a treasure hunt. Kids that are over the age of 5 however will need to have some more stimulation when compared so think about having a magician come and host the event or even take them to the local bowling alley to burn off some energy.



Make Everything Simple

If you want to cater for the event yourself then it helps to keep it simple. Try and use cookie-cutters to make flower or even star-shaped sandwiches. Older kids can even make their own pizzas. It helps to serve food that can be grabbed with small hands and it also helps to have food that doesn’t need any cutting at all. If you are waiting for the food then it is a good idea for you to put some crayons or even drawing items on the table so that they can keep occupied while it is being brought out. This is the best way for you to make sure that everything runs smoothly and it also helps to stop the kids from becoming too irritable while you handle the more important aspects of the party.

Having a plan always helps when it comes to the big day, so do as much as you can in advance.


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