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Making Family Meal Planning Easier


When you have a family, one of the biggest challenges tends to be ensuring that everybody is well-fed. Not only do you have to think of something new to cook every day, you also have to find a few spare minutes to prepare it! However, there are plenty of benefits involved in enjoying family mealtimes together. It is much healthier to cook for yourself rather than ordering in – and you can also introduce your kids to a wide variety of food. You are also giving yourself some precious family time together. So, here are just a few of the ways that you can make family meal planning that little bit easier.


Commit to Time Planning


Creating great meals won’t happen without putting in some prep work. Having a clear system in place will help you to save money, eat healthier and have more free time on your hands. Don’t see meal planning as wasting time as doing this successfully will actually save you precious minutes in the long-run. Find some time that you can sit down with your calendar and think about things like when you can shop for groceries, which nights will you have limited time to cook and when you can check out some new recipes to try out.


Shopping Lists and Meal Prep

One day every week, you will need to set aside some time for yourself to write out a grocery list. Don’t try to cram too many meals into a single week – you are better off making bigger portions so that you have some leftovers on a couple of nights. When you are writing out your list, think about whether you can buy everything from the same place or if there are any special ingredients such as halal chicken that need to be purchased elsewhere. Check your pantry and fridge in case you have a few things already.


Don’t Lose Your Momentum

A lot of times when you try to introduce positive changes into your life, it is very easy to lose momentum and fall back into your old habits once again. Don’t be ashamed to have a couple of very simple meals on your weekly list. Everyone is bound to have days in which they don’t feel up to cooking for a long period of time. Build in some flexibility to your plan so that you can cook your more intricate meals on another day. There are also plenty of web-based tools which can help you out such as ones like Supercook in which you can list the ingredients that you already have and the app will generate some possible meal ideas.

Family meals are the times that you truly remember and treasure. Making sure that you have something prepared every single evening can be extremely challenging, but putting in a decent amount of planning can really help you out. Hopefully, the three points listed above will help to steer you onto the right path.


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