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Making your chaos slightly more organised

f7869227-98ce-4d37-976e-159b5b855ad6Are you one of those mums who struggle with mess? You may have seen my post last week regarding this, so you will know that your not alone. Every mum loves to see their child playing and having fun, but sometimes, you just can’t control that feeling of dread when you watch buckets and boxes being emptied one by one, as if you’re watching a slow-mo disaster unfold in front of you. If you’re a self-confessed mess-phobic mum, here are some strategies that may help you to breathe easy and relax without taking away the fun and frolics of playtime.

Storage, storage, storage
There are few things more important for house proud, organised mums than storage. It’s well-documented that children come with a lot of stuff. When you have kids, you may notice very quickly that it’s hard to find places to store all the toys, books, clothes and equipment you need to get out of the door. Investing in storage can help you save time and space, and it can also make keeping your home tidy much easier. If you’re short on space, look out for innovative solutions such as beds with drawers underneath for the bedroom and units that contain cubby holes, shelves, and racks. Tubs, boxes, and crates can also be really useful. If you’ve got loads of storage, you can tidy away toys at the end of the day in a matter of minutes, turning your living room from a bomb site to a beautiful, calm, adult-friendly space.

Brilliant bedroom ideas

If you’re looking for ways to banish mess in your child’s bedroom, there are solutions out there. As well as making sure you have enough storage, looking at versatile, multifunctional beds is a good idea, particularly if you have children sharing a single room. Consider the space-saving capabilities of triple and three-tiered beds and use imaginative concepts to display and store toys and books without taking over the entire room. Wall-mounted shelving units are great if you’re pushed for floor space, and if you’re feeling creative, you can turn them into an eye-catching, fun design, such as a boat, a tree or a car. If you’re not blessed with artistic talents, or you need inspiration, sites like Pinterest may come in handy.

A little structure goes a long way

Playtime should be fun and children should be encouraged to use their imaginations, but there’s nothing wrong with having a little structure in place. It can be hugely beneficial for children to focus on a single activity, especially when they get older and they approach school age. Rather than getting every toy in the house out, playing with something and then moving onto the next toy after 20 seconds, encourage your child to be slightly more methodical. Get some puzzles or games out, focus on creative activities like painting, drawing or making models or create your own storylines by dressing up and engaging in role play. If you can move from one type of activity to the next, this will enable you to stay on top of mess and improve your child’s concentration skills.

If you feel like your home is chaotic all the time, and it’s making you anxious or uneasy, there are steps you can take that may help you to feel calmer and more relaxed. Children will be children, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to make your chaos that little bit more organised.

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