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The Organized Mums Guide To Birthday Party Planning


As a parent, it’s always going to feel as if you have a never-ending to-list. And that’s probably because you do. There’s always housework to do, children to clean up after, and your family’s life to keep organized. Then, throughout the year, you’ll find a few different times that this all gets amped up a little. Christmas is always one of them, the summer holidays are another, and then there’s birthdays. Your kids are always going to get excited about their birthdays – sometimes months in advance. This often means that you really have to pull out all of the stops when it comes to their parties. And we all know how much work that can involve. So it’s often good to get yourself organized and give yourself a head start when it comes to the planning.


Choose Your Theme

One of the best ways to make party planning as easy as possible for yourself, is to start out with a theme. Birthday parties with a theme are always a lot of fun, but they are also easier to plan. When you have a theme, a lot of the decisions are pre-made for you – because everything will have to be pirate or princess related! So start out by picking out a theme with your child so that you can then cover off the other areas.


Make Invitations Simple

Next, you’re going to want to nail the invites. And this not only means choosing the design (which should be easy now that you’ve chosen the theme), but ordering them in plenty of time. It also means that you need to set the date, find the venue, and choose the guests all with plenty of time to spare. Doing this all at once really helps to tick off a big section of your party planning to-do list.

Order Your Cake In Advance

Then, you’re going to want to think about the cake, and make sure that you order it in advance. When you’re buying from a cake shop, a lot of stunning work can go into the creation. So it’s always best to get your order in early so that you can not only bag your chosen date, but that you can get the design right too.


Have Fun With The Entertainment

Now, it’s onto entertainment. And this is always a lot of fun. Whether you want to go with a disco, a magician, a bouncy castle, or even something that you put on yourself, you’ll want to get prices together and make all of the necessary arrangements so you can secure everything for the date.

Prepare The Refreshments The Day Before

TWith everything done so far in advance, you may feel like you have nothing to do nearer the time. But, one thing that you can save for the date before the party, is your chance to whip up some yummy kids party food. If you want to get a caterer to do it to save time, that’s also an option, but it’s always fun to try out some tasty recipes. And seeing as you have everything else covered off, this can be your contribution.


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