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Easy ways to get your child to exercise


Every parent wants to make sure that their kids are healthy but these days, it’s easier said than done. Buying healthy food is a bit of a nightmare because even the foods that are sold as low fat or low sugar can still be packed full of bad stuff that you don’t want to feed your kids. You always need to be looking at the ingredients and making sure everything you buy is fresh, but that’s only half the battle. It’s harder than ever to get kids outside and exercising because you’re fighting an uphill battle against laptops and games consoles. When they’re younger it’s a little easier but once they hit their teenage years, getting them outside is a real struggle. It’s vital that they stay active for their physical as well as mental health, so here are a few simple ways that you can encourage the whole family to exercise more

Make It Fun
This is rule number one, if you ask your kids to go for a run, they’ll turn their nose up and go back to whatever it was that they were doing. But if you ask them to go to the park and play for a while, they’re far more likely to get involved. Always try to think of games and activities that are very active. They’ll be exercising without even realizing it.
Bike Rides
Regardless of all the new games and gadgets they have these days, most kids still enjoy a good bike ride. Getting a set of bikes for the whole family and going on rides is a great way to spend some quality time together and get some exercise while you’re doing it. Just remember to get some insurance from somewhere like Velosure because bikes are a prime target for burglars. There are plenty of cycling apps you can get which track your route and calculate average speed etc. so you can turn it into a bit of a game and go out every weekend to see if you can beat your previous records. This is an easy way of encouraging the kids to keep up with regular exercise.
Sports Teams

Sports teams are great for kids for so many reasons, not just exercise. It’s a good opportunity for them to make new friends and learn important lessons about teamwork and fairness. On top of that, it’s an easy way to guarantee a few sessions of good exercise each week. However, it’s important that you let them choose the sport and don’t try to push them if they don’t want to play.

Video Games
You’re probably trying to get them off video games and outside so this seems counterproductive, but there are quite a lot of video games out there that are very active. While it might not be what they’re used to playing, it’s a good middle ground. They can still play games but you can rest easy that they’re getting a bit of exercise while they’re doing it.
When you’ve got a hectic schedule it can be difficult to find time for exercise but your kids will follow your example so the most important thing is that you keep up with it as well.

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