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Feast on London with Bookatable – Restaurant Ours



There is nothing I love more than a good restaurant, and ‘Restaurant Ours’ did not disappoint.

Over the past four years I have become a real foodie and one of my favourite things to do is to dine out. However, since becoming Parents our priorities have changed and those nights have become few and far between.  I have been wanting to pay ‘Restaurant Ours’ a visit for the past few months however not only is it difficult to always find the time these days, but we prefer to spend our money on us as a family rather than as a couple.

Taking all of that in account, when ‘Bookatable‘ invited me to select one of the offers from the  ‘Feast on London’ campaign I jumped at the chance. Not only do I love dining out, but doing so with my other half is one of the things I love the most, even more so as we aren’t able to do it so freely since becoming Parents.  With over 200 restaurants to chose from, I  was so excited to see that ‘Restaurant Ours’ was on the list. I am usually sceptical when it comes to deals, however I was instantly won over by seeing how many reputable Restaurants were on the list – some of which were even Michelin starred.


From start to finish our visit was everything that I had hoped it would be; romantic, stress free and unpretentious.

Before you even set foot into the seating area, you are blown away by the entrance. Simple yet beautiful, it sets the theme for the rest of the restaurant and for us it was the first of many photo opportunities.



The offer at hand consisted of 3 courses and a speciality cocktail. What I loved about the choice of dishes were that they were fancy, yet you was still aware of what your were ordering which for me is a big plus because anything pretentious is not my style. For starters we opted for the ‘ Chicken and bacon ravioli, cauliflower’ – with the dishes we got the jist of what we were ordering but still taken away with the presentation as it still wasn’t as expected. It was a perfect sized portion and a great start to our meal.





For our main meal I ordered the ‘Sea bream, onion cavolo nero’ and Adam opted for the ‘Braised short rib, beetroot, rye’ – it was a tough call on both of our parts but we always make sure we go for different dishes and then share each others. That said, as succulent and tender as the beef was, I was very much happy with my choice. It was light, yet filling and did not disappoint. I was left full, however not so much so that there was no room for dessert – which for me crucial! If your paying for a three course meal, of course you don’t want to be left hungry but you want to be able to comfortably finish all courses. Moving on from our complimentary cocktails, we accompanied our main with a beloved bottle of red, which for us is a date must. As much as my eye was on the ‘Chateauneuf  du Pape’ unfortunately we couldn’t justify the price as much but this is always  the case in most high end restaurants. We chose the ‘Monte Tessa – Montepulicano d’Abruzzo‘ and although I was eating fish, it worked well with both dishes.




For me, the showstopper was the dessert. I chose the ‘ Salted caramel doughnuts’ and Adam went for the ‘Rice pudding, rhubarb, hazelnut crumble’. I was intrigued to see how they could pull of the doughnut dish in terms of presentation, but boy they sure did. I have to say though, out of the three courses, this was the one that I did have slight food envy over with Adam’s. The hot and cold contrast between the creamy rice pudding and the rhubarb done it for me. The rhubarb wasn’t as expected at all and I think had I of known I may have been more inclined to go for that as it was more of a sorbet.  There was an element of suprise with both dessert dishes which I love as it finishes the meal on a high.



Throughout our meal, the staff were polite and helpful and the dishes were simple yet impressive. The highlight for me had to be the surroundings. I am a sucker for romantic settings so the flower walls and fairy lights won be over from the get go.



We couldn’t believe the value for money with the offer in hand. Of course, by ordering extra drinks it can have the potential to take the bill a lot higher but that is in your control. In future I will definatley be keeping an eye out for any more deals like this on ‘Bookatable’ – it just goes to show that you don’t have to be footloose and fancy free to still be able to enjoy these type of Restaurants. Should the occasion ever arise to visit ‘Restaurant Ours’ again I will definatley be doing so. If the food was that nice on a set menu, I am intrigued to try out the other dishes they have to offer.  Non pretentious, buzzy and good quality food, accompanied with good wine and company – it was the perfect date thanks to both ‘Bookatable’ and ‘Restaurant Ours’ 

For more information on ‘Feast for London’ and the current deals on offer you can check out their website;







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