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In The Night Garden – Live

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‘In the Night Garden’ goes hand in hand with Joseph’s bed time routine just as much as a bedtime story. It is my favourite time of day, mostly because I get guaranteed cuddles on the sofa 😉 As soon as Joseph hears the opening theme tune he ushers me on to the sofa with him and cuddles up to me.  Since Joseph was merely a few months old he has been obsessed with watching it and for months now, when the opening tune comes on he strokes his finger around the palm of his hand – ‘ Round and round, a little boat no bigger than your hand, out on the ocean, far away from land ‘ It makes my heart burst every time he does it. Not to mention the clapping frenzy he has when ‘Makka Pakka’ comes on the screen.

When I was invited to review ‘In the Night Garden Live’ I was over the moon. I just knew how much Joseph would love it and I was so excited to see how happy it would make him – what I wasn’t prepared for, was how emotional it would make me seeing his reactions to the show.

In the lead up to the show we had the opportunity to meet ‘Iggle Piggle’ I knew it was a bit of a gamble because anything big and in costume, he usually HATES, and how right I was. Iggle Piggle himself and the staff were amazing, but Joseph screamed from start to finish! I honestly think it traumatised him for a little while after, however me and Mr Piggle clearly hit it off – which makes me wonder whether Joseph was just watching his Dad’s back 😉 18580903_1857498031156569_2441735460926521344_n

Afterwards however we were lucky enough to receive a Goody Bag which soon put a smile on his face. You have the option to order one in advance when booking your ticket for £29, otherwise you can get one on the day for £39. The goody bags are full of exclusive In the Night Garden toys and souvenirs. The bag has a total value of £64 and contains:

• 5 piece melamine dinner Set

• Character windmill

• ‘Windy Day In The Garden’ DVD

• In the Night Garden Magazine

• Tombliboo Soft Toy

• Igglepiggle Counts sticker activity book

• Character hand puppet

• Goodnight Igglepiggle story book



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On the day of the show we were super excited (We, meaning myself & the BF – Joseph was oblivious until we arrived) We made it with 10 minutes to spare, stocked up on some goodies and in we went. I know it sounds silly because the name is a bit of a give away – ‘In the Night Garden LIVE’ – however I wasn’t prepared for it to be exactly like what you see on TV! From the beginning until the end, you were transfixed because it was just like the show, to every minor detail. There was just the right amount of people there so you had a good combination of  atmosphere & intimacy. I have to be honest, when the show opened as the TV programme does I started to cry. The BF was in hysterics. In the Night Garden has played such an integral part in mine and Josephs relationship. It is always our special time at the end of the day, and it doesn’t matter what day we have had, even if Joseph has been an absolute nightmare, it is our special bonding time and has been for a long time – I just got a bit overwhelmed. It was a mixture of that and seeing the look on Josephs face – excitement and astonishment.

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Th show itself lasted for about 45 minutes which was perfect because if it was any longer I am pretty sure Joseph would have tried to make a run for the stage. The show was interactive with the crowd; singing & dancing, bubble machine – it was just such a fun day!

For anyone who has the opportunity to take their little one along next year I simply cannot recommend it enough. At 21 months I would say Joseph was at a perfect age for it. Seeing how much his face lit up from start to finish made every second worth it and we cannot wait to return.


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