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MUSH – App for Mums


MUSH MAIN.pngMaternity Leave. What is not to love – no work stresses, no drive or train commute, no work wear.. just time at home with your baby, coffees and catch ups, This Morning on in the background, sitting in the garden in the Summer, keeping cosy in the winter – what is there to complain about.

Well for some including myself, you can become a bit plagued by loneliness. When pregnant, I was in two minds whether to do an NCT course or not but in the end we opted not to. I was really naive.. I  had the attitude ‘ I have my friends, I don’t need anymore’ and I understand that it almost sounds quite arrogant but it’s true in the sense that any spare time I did have I wanted to focus on the friends I already had.  In hindsight, I do think I would have benefited from NCT. For the first few months me and my little man were in our own little bubble but as we neared the 7 month mark I started to struggle a bit. One of my girls was amazing and booked the odd day off when she could but obviously I couldn’t depend on having that every week. Sometimes I would go 5 days without having physical contact with anyone but my partner. Poor sod, it became a weekly ritual on a Sunday me begging him to ‘pull a sicky’ the next day.

For me inparticular, not being around people  was a bit of a struggle. I thrive off being around people and I am a bit needy by nature. I mean, dont’t get me wrong, I love my own company but to a point! I craved girly time with like minded people. I would go for coffees and I would feel envious when I would see other Mums and their babies together. I found it difficult sometimes because I wanted to talk to fellow mums to bounce thoughts and feelings off of. Sometimes I felt like I was going crazy because I just wanted to talk to another Mum to see if they had gone/was going through the same thing.

All of this actually contributed to me starting a blog because I wanted to help other people.

When I heard about ‘MUSH’ I really liked the idea of it but I just felt a bit silly. I don’t know why but I felt nervous. In some ways I am confident but in others I can be extremely vulnerable about putting myself out there – the dreaded fear of rejection Becoming a mum, without a mum 

but then  I thought, you know what.. if my friends and a million other people out there can be brave and bold enough to use ‘Tinder’ then why can’t I do this. So, I set up my profile and I was all set to go! The only thing is that I didn’t get to the point of pursuing a meet up but this is purely because I was due back to work and would’t have the time – typical. My only regret is that I hadn’t discovered this earlier on in my Maternity Leave because I really think that would have helped me. I loved my Maternity Leave but towards the end I kind of sunk into myself a bit and became a serious ‘over thinker’ not to mention a serial snapchatter 😉

I love everything that this app stands for and I really would advise anyone who is in the same situation to be brave enough to download, set up and get meeting some Mamas. It pretty much works how Tinder does (I believe) in the sense that it picks up profiles in a certain radius of where you live. It matches you up with kids of the same ages who are into the same sort of thing.

It is a free app, downloadable on both IPhone and Andriod – so no excuses. I mean come on girls, who doesn’t like an excuse for tea and cake 😉

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