Food and fitness



Since I was younger I have always enjoyed keeping active. The tomboy in me loves the outdoors and would’t think twice about getting on the football pitch. Running, netball, you name it I wasn’t shy to get involved.. although dancing is definatley not my forte.

& then of course the teenage years hit and drinking and going out came into play. The most exercise I got was playing knock down ginger or when I running home after missing my curfew ( since when did I become American btw? )

Followed by the late teens and early twenties – pubs, clubs, hangover food, eating on the go when working in The City.. you name it I ate/drank it.

and here I am. I’m no Fatima Whitbread, I still eat my junk, I still like my drink and I still have hangover food..I’m a mum but I am still me afterall. However, since having Joseph I generally look after myself so much more. It is sad really that looking after myself wasn’t a good enough reason before but now I have a better reason than any.  I love cooking and I love eating but I am just more sensible when doing so. Initially I started to go to the Gym for a bit of ‘me time’ and obviously to shift my baby weight but it has now become a permanent fixture in my life. I have off weeks where I may not go at all but I don’t put too much pressure on myself.

I will be sharing blog posts with any light exercise tips and recipes.

I believe the key to anything in life is balance! I go to the gym, but I’m not shy when it comes to the bad stuff too. A bit of everything in life within reason is key!