Homemade Chicken Kebab’s


As much as I love cooking, working part time doesn’t always allow me to put as much effort into our dinners now. It was becoming too much of a rush finishing work, doing the Nursery pick up, the BF pick up, bedtime routine & then cooking a home made dinner – tiring stuff. I really do enjoy it but it just wasn’t allowing me much downtime. The BF suggested that on my work day’s we just have something simple and easy and then save the good dinners for my days off which made much more sense. So yesterday, I had my thinking cap on and remembered this little dish I used to make for us pre Joseph! It is ideal if you have the urge for a trip the the Kebab shop but want a healthier and cheaper option.You could even prepare them the night before and refrigerate. The below makes 4 Kebab skewers.  They are so easy and actually ridiculously filling so I’d go easy on the side dishes. This time around I accompanied with Stuffed Red Peppers, however you could serve alongside some Halloumi / Mash / Jacket Potato / Corn on the cob.  You could even prepare them the night before and refrigerate. The below makes 4 Kebab skewers. 

Shopping List; 3 / 4 Chicken Breasts, 1 Garlic ( Although I now use Lazy Garlic, it’s a game changer) Honey, Soy Sauce, Vegetable Oil, Ground Pepper, 3 Onions,

To prepare: 3 large chicken breast cut into cubes. 2 cloves of chopped garlic,  5 tablespoons of Honey and 5 tablespoons of Soy Sauce, 4 tablespoons of Veg oil, 1/4 teaspoon of Ground Pepper, 3 onions cut into cubes, 2 red peppers also cubed. Metal Skewers. 

In a bowl, whisk together the Soy Sauce, Honey, Veg Oil and Ground Pepper. Set a bit aside for marinating the skewers when cooking. Add the chicken, garlic, onions and red peppers and marinate for atleast two hours, the longer the better. To be honest though, thinking about it this time around I probably marinated for about an 1hr’ish and the flavouring was still there. 


Drain the marinade and thread the chicken, peppers and onions on to the skewers. Set your grill to a medium heat and cook for around 10-12 mins. Check that there is no pinkness left inside. Turn every so often and halfway through cooking, brush the Marinade you set aside earlier on to both sides of the Kebabs. 

Peppers with Feta and Cous Cous; 

Preheat the oven to 200c/180fan/gas mark 6

2 Red peppers cut in half. Place on a microwavable plate and heat for 5 minutes until soft. Meanwhile in a bowl put 86g of cous cous with 125ml of boiling water, cover and leave for 10 minutes. I usually place a tea towel over the top. After the water has been soaked up, stir with a fork to mix it all up and add 50g Feta. You could also add; black olives, pine nuts, tomatoes and basil. Pile the couscous stuffing into the halves peppers and cook for 10minutes.

PS – You could also add Haloumi to your stuffed peppers rather than Feta. They are pretty versaitile so you can really experiment

Enjooooooooy xx


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