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As it stands, (well a few weeks ago, Pre Christmas) weight wise I am lighter and healthier than I have been in years. Everyone who really knows me, knows that I am a self confessed binger and serial snacker. Always have been and part of me always will be. I am not here to preach about how fit and healthy I am all the time because that would be a lie. I have lost my focus the past two months but I am here to get that back and document along the way. As with everything in my life, I believe it is down to balance. I am human, I am a Mum on the go and I am also a 28year old who still likes a nice glass of vino so one week I’m all about the avocado.. the next week I am hungover with my favourite past time – Pot Noodle, gotta love them. I am just determined for it not to be a phase and to lead a healthier lifestyle permanently going forward for myself and Joseph. At first losing my baby weight was to make myself feel better, however I soon noticed how much I felt better on the inside and decided to keep it up.. until I lost it a bit towards the end of the year.


The past 6 weeks my eating and gym go’ing has pretty much gone to pot in comparison to what it was most of last year so I am getting back on it and putting a stop to any unhealthy habits that have crept back in. Ill be clearing out the cupboards of all Christmas goodies and snacks this weekend and starting a fresh. Honestly I have noticed the difference SO much over the Festive Period! I have had spots appear, feel bloated, so tired.. that alone is motivating me to get back on my health kick. People have asked me how I lost the weight after Joseph and it may have been easier for me metabolism wise to lose it than some but I still worked out my arse off and I am so proud of myself for that. I am 2 and a half stone down from my pregnancy weight and I am determined to continue to keep it off. I don’t drink near as much as I used to so I understand that is a big factor but I am finding it more of a struggle to maintain this lifestyle now I am back at work. Part time kills me a bit in that sense because there is always temptations at work and on my 2 days off guaranteed I have coffee plans with the girls which obviously involves cakes and pastries or a packet of biccies. I’m not here to make you feel as though you have to be stick thin to be happy – NOT AT ALL.. but my weight has flatulated so much over the years due to leading an unhealthy lifestyle, and being the size that I am now makes me more body confident so I therefore want to maintain that and continue to lead a healthy life and inspire other people to join me. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for my progress, healthy recipes and fitness tips – a healthy life is a healthy mind X

P.S If your feeling rubbish because you haven’t started on your health kick yet, I think it’s only right you give yourself a weeks grace after Christmas – helps soften the blow aye! I’ve been having cheese boards at 9pm at night – can’t even begin to tell you the nightmares I have had. One morning I was relieved to find that my brain was still in my head!







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