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How I lost my baby weight, & more.


Up until I found out I was pregnant with Joseph, I lead a very unhealthy lifestyle. Why wouldn’t I though, I was in my mid 20’s, drinking out, eating out and having fun – no shame in that. The thing that I have learned the most since becoming a Mum is that everything should be in moderation. I’m not overly strict but for every bit of chocolate I may eat, I tend to eat twice as much fruit & veg. I found that if you really deny yourself everything, you are more likely to binge even more when you allow yourself to.

Listen to me when I say my weight has fluctulated over the years. I can match the heavier pictures up to exact unhappy or stressful times in my life. I know many people say that and I can’t believe I am about to share this.. but you only have to look at this picture below to see how much I have changed from then to now. I was at a bit of a lose end in my life and I was just eating absoloute crap! I was bloated from drinking.. hadn’t exercised in so long.. was just very unhappy and it showed through my looks and weight.








During pregnancy I didn’t deny myself anything. I fully embraced it and made the most out of it. Although having said that, finding out I was pregnant was enough for me to introduce fruit and veg into my diet more – and that I did! At the time I didn’t think I put that much weight on in Pregnancy but looking back at pictures you can definatley see it in my hamster face!


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I am now nearing my 1year Anniversary of joining the Gym and I haven’t looked back since. What started as a way to lose my baby weight has slotted in to a way of life. I have slacked the past couple of months but as of yesterday I am baaaaaaaaaaaack. Joining the Gym was also a way to get a bit of time to myself. If I had been in most of the day, I couldn’t wait to get there once Ad was home from work – it was my little getaway. Since returning to work I find it more of a struggle to find the motivation to go once home, so I also joined on to the Gym near my work so that I can go on my lunch. I tend to get to the Gym 3/4 times a week. I only get about 40minutes workout time on my lunch but you’ll be suprised how much you can get done!

All in all, I am lighter and fitter than I have been in years and I am currently 2 and a half stone down. I’ll admit, not binge drinking so much probably does play a part in this but I do still participate in alcoholic activities from time to time 😉 When I look through pictures, I can match up my heavier photos to the harder or unhappier times in my life.

As a Mum you tend to get more exercise than before from the constant lifting and pushing of the buggy. You don’t even have to join a Gym to get fit. If I haven’t been to the Gym, or simply don’t have time, I try to get a quick workout in with an exercise vid on Youtube via my Smart TV. I opt for the ‘Results with Lucy’ videos – and someone usually joins me..


                                                                  Five Months Pregnant                                   


Nine months after Joseph 



My Diet

It really started with making some simple changes to my diet. I swapped my Bread, Pasta and Pitta Bread for wholemeal, dropped my tea with 2 sugars to 1 (still working on dropping that last) cleared my kitchen out of all junk and swapped for healthy snacks so that I would have no temptations – trust me, willpower is not my thing! My diet was pretty boring than most but I was on a mission so I really didn’t mind. As a guide my mealtimes would usually be based around the following;

Breakfast ( after my morning Tea – can’t start my day without it )

Scrambled eggs cooked in Coconut Oil, Wholemeal toast, Avocado

Scrambled eggs cooked in Coconut Oil, Wholemeal toast and chopped chives

Omelette cooked in Coconut Oil with Spinach and a sprinkle of cheese

Porridge with Cinnamon & Honey

Special K


Any of the above Scrambled Egg or Omelette dishes.

Weight Watchers Soup ( The tomato is lovely )

Cous Cous Salad

Tuna Pasta with Sweetcorn (made with low fat mayo)

Feta Salad

Wholemeal Pitta Bread, Reduced fat houmous, Cucumber


I relied alot on ‘Weight Watcher’ meals for my dinner. I wouldn’t recommend them as a permanent fixture in your diet but definatley helped to give me a headstart. If you have time, oven cook rather than microwave and have it with lots of veg. I would always fill my plate out with lots of peas.

I always keep a stash now in the freezer to have after a weekend of pigging out or if I am feeling sluggish.

I do alot of home cooking so I always try to  implement veg into my dishes when I can. Even with a Spag Bol you can add in veggies; celery, carrots, peppers, onions, courgettes, tomatoes. I always keep tins of chopped toms in my cupboard. I know it may seem easier just to buy pre made pasta sauces, but it is super easy just to make your own, and honestly even tastier. Another dish that I LOVE is Spag Bol  with ‘Courgetti’ you can buy it fresh at your local supermarket! It really is yummy. Simple little changes to your dishes like that, really do make a difference and help to keep your weight off/consistent.


Ryvita with low fat cream cheese

Wholemeal Pitta with reduced fat houmous

Carott sticks & cucumber with houmous

Low fat yogurt with passion fruit

Fruit Salad


Rice Cakes


Jelly Pots (10calories each)

Nakd Bars – Dates are a natural sweetener which are in most of the Nakd Bars so they are perfect if you need an afternoon pick me up! The ‘Banana Bread’ one is amazing.

Bounce Balls – They may seem a bit pricey for what they are but they are suprisngly filling for size. Ideal for an after Gym snack. The Coconut ones are my fave.

Drinks – Cut out the fizzy, cut back on the caffeine

Homemade smoothies – My personal favourite: Coconut Water, Frozen Spinach, Frozen Berries

Peppermint Tea – My favourite is ‘Pukka Three Mint Tea’

Smoothie Wise, we use our Nutri Bullet and really experiment with it. At first I was buying fresh fruit but wasting so much money as it wouldn’t always get used but now we use Frozen. Frozen Spinach is the way forward aswel. I think one bag of frozen is the equivalent to like, 7 fresh – as demonstrated by Mr Jamie Oliver! If you add Spinach in to any of your fruit smooties, guarenteed you wont even taste it as the fruit is so overpowering. If you want a bit more of a sweet kick to them, add a bit of honey.

Water – the obvious choice

The key is to not beat yourself up if you slack from time to time. I have since Pre Christmas, but as soon as you get your first Gym session done, it gives you the motivation to get back on track. I find that going to the Gym motivates me to eat healthier because it just feels like a waste of my time otherwise!

I am aware that everyone is built in all different shapes and sizes but take it from me, with the right mindset and dedication it really is achievable. If I can balance work, home a baby and keeping fit then so can you.  My only regret is that I wasn’t smart enough to want to look after myself before Joseph!

YOU are a good enough reason to do it for YOURSELF. Everyone deserves to be happy & confident


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