Toddler tuna pasta bake


I don’t love that Joseph is getting older, however I love that with age he can pretty much eat anything within reason. I love experimenting and that he is loving new things. I was quite fussy growing up so I really want to try and get Joseph to be a bit more adventurous with his food (food not life – that kid is never leaving me ūüėČ )

¬†Although he can eat more or less anything we do, we have our dinner at 7ish as apposed to his 5pm time so its difficult to combine the two – but equally annoying ¬†cooking him such a small dish! The key for me is batch cooking and freezing! I haven’t done it for a while so thought it’s¬†time I get back into it. I have been cooking on the go for him which is fine but I just end up wasting so much food and for me it can be time consuming. On my day’s off from work with Joseph, they are so so precious to me that the last thing I want to do is be spending an hour or so cooking in the kitchen – As much as he enjoys it, I’m sure he would much rather have have his play buddy!

¬†It’s also disheartening when you put in such an effort for a small dish and he decides that he doesn’t want to eat it that night¬†but will happily sit there and eat his weight in dried cheerios and petit filous!!

So¬†the latest dish I cooked up was a ‘Tuna Pasta bake’¬†again an Annabel Karmel recipe. She is the Jamie Oliver of kids cooking for me!

See link for recipe –¬†

Rather than freeze it all, if poss try to keep some fresh to give that day. Like anything I think it probably taste much nicer just made with all the melted cheese etc! If you haven’t got a tuna hating other half – it’s ideal for the fam too!

PS – Whilst on the subject of pasta, when weaning Joseph I would buy smaller pasta shapes¬†specifically¬† for babies from Boots. They have a great range of food bits, also if making your own food they do say not to use normal stock cubes at a young age because of the salt content so you can get ‘baby’ ones in Boots also!¬†

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