Just gonna put it out there – Mondayzzzz



On a whole I like to think I’m a happy girl most of the time but and try and bring a bit of positivity into Monday’s BUT there are two things that have really pissed me off this morning. Two of my biggest pet hates and I feel like the more into Monday I get, the more it is pissing me off.

Firstly. Cyclists, I have nothing against you.. I’m not generalising or stereotyping BUT what is with going through red lights? Some of you are so ignorant it winds me up. What makes you special? Sit at the lights like the cars do. To the dickhead Cyclist this morning who nearly took me out, I hope your tyre popped causing you to nose dive into a puddle – but then it probably didn’t because nothing bad ever happens to twats, it’s a fact! Honestly, I am not getting at Cyclists as a whole, at all, I do understand why people want to ride their bikes, I used to like a bike ride..  they’re enjoyable but come on, the rules apply to you aswel you know. I’m not innocent, I am sure I accidentally went through two red lights last month by mistake but I could tell this Cyclist this morning just rides around doing what he wants to do. & the times I have confronted a Cyclist about to basically knock me over, they look at you like your scum. . Ah I can’t tell you how much it winds me up. It really isn’t hard; make sure you wear a hat, stay in your lanes, stay safe, don’t go through red lights.

& the next subject: Manners;

People with no manners really grind my gears – I can’t handle them. I just look at them like they are pond life, it’s not hard is it. I tell you what I really do not appreciate, when you answer someones call and your average normal Joe would respond with, ‘Hi/Hello/Alright/Hey’ etc but no.. what is with people saying ‘Yeah’ and then proceed with why they are ringing.

Example; Me- Heyyyyyyyyy

Caller – ‘Yeah is that Jacquie’ / Yeahhh can I speak to bla bla / Yeahhh have you had an                                 accident in the past 5 years

Arghhh. So my solution is, next time someone calls and say’s ‘Yeahhhhh’ I’m going to say ‘No do1’ and hang up!


Happy Monday x