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Bad Neighbours


I always end up eating my words – I think as bloggers a lot of us do because we seemingly have an opinion on EVERYTHING. In fact, it can even go hand in hand with being a Parent and having a lot more ‘thinking time’

Essentially, as I am getting older, like most I am slowly moulding into my Parents – I have become a self confessed curtain twitcher. If there are any going ons in my close I’m sure that I would be the first to know about it. So with this in mind, you can only imagine what I was like when we had new neighbours a few months ago. Your heart drops a bit when you have new neighbours doesn’t it. It is something that you have no control over. Plus the fact I love documentarys so after watching my fair share of ‘Nightmare Neighbours’ my mind was in overdrive – even more so when I saw it was two young guys! They were carrying in the most random things to the house – random road signs being one of them and I thought ‘Shitttttt’

That was enough for my mind – as far as I was concerned we was going to be living the same sequence of events played out in the film ‘Bad Neighbours’ Us obviously being the Parents with the baby and them being the party animals next door. By nature we are quite chilled out and can never be arsed with confrontation but when you have a baby involved you do have to step up don’t you.

It has since been about 6 months since they moved in, and you know what, if anything WE have become the bad neighbours and I always feel SO bad for our noise level. They have only had a couple of gatherings, even checked with us the next day that the noise was ok – they are the nicest guys. Their recycling is probably on more point than ours sometimes. If anything I find myself following their lead on bin days! When your days can start anywhere from 5am it feels like you should be well into the afternoon by 8am. I have to stop myself getting the hoover out until a decent enough time and I even have to nag the bf and Joseph for making too much noise when they play together sometimes (which I hate doing) but I appreciate the weekends are for lay ins for a lot of people and I can’t imagine they would appreciate being woken up so early. At times, I even find myself torn when Joseph cries at ungodly hours.  Take this morning for example, he was up at 3am. Had I of let him cry it out he may have settled but I cant help but think of the guys next door having to get up for work.

So there you have it. A fine example of me being judgemental and now eating my words. At first glance I saw two young guys and assumed there would be pizza boxes flying around outside, parties till the early hours of the morning and keeping us awake – if anything in terms of noise level we are for sure the Bad Neighbours. As much as I try, there is only so much you can do to keep a baby/toddler quiet especially my little squealing rugrat! They are totally cool though. It isn’t like they have said anything to it but you just become a bit more conscious of it don’t you. Sometimes the cries and whining are hard enough for me to bare let alone anyone else. On a plus side, there is no better form of contraception then a screaming baby so if anything I think I deserve some thanks 😉

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