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Venice Day 2


I’m not a morning person. Anyone that knows me would say the same, I just haven’t got time for anyone in the first half hour of opening my eyes, so you can imagine I am just a joy to get out of bed. Initially Ad wanted us to wake up at 6am, but my eyeroll got me an additional half hour or so 😉 so by 7am we was up and ready, grabbing some breakfast at the hotel beforehand. I’m reasonably healthy in the week at home, but as far as holdays go, its not happening. We always laugh because Ad will sit there with some kind of cereal, fruits and yogurt whilst I’m making my way through my second Pain Au Chocolate! So we had our breakfast and made our way through the streets of Venice, towards St Marks Square. It was a beautiful Winters morning; dry, not too cold but fresh. Ad told me that we had to get a Water Taxi over to an Island called ‘San Giorgio Maggiore’ 

We was on the boat for about 5 minutes, until we arrived at the Island. It was so early that no one else was around. We entered the Church and I was blown away by its beauty inside. Although its a tourist spot it was just me and Ad, and it already at that point felt so surreal. Ad paid our entry to the lady, and we had to get in this lift that took us all the way up to the top of the Bell Tower, not gonna lie, I was shit scared moaning to Adam ‘ get me out of here ‘ haha. What greeted us at the top was the most breath taking views over Venice. It was such a beautiful moment, taking in all of the sights. I didn’t intend on sharing this story so far, but naturally I’m so proud and excited by it all – I wont go into detail what exactly happened as there are parts that I have kept just between us two, but what I will say is that I was compeltey caught off guard to one minute taking in the views, and the second to turn around and find my Adam on one knee asking me to Marry him. It was truly the most memorable and emotional experiences of our life. I mean, when you have been with someone so long and you know its on the cards at some point, you kind of expect that one day it will happen.. but let me tell you, nothing quite prepares you for it and you will be left speechless – literally, it took me about 5 minutes to stop crying and actually say YES!! We’ve been through a lot, like most couples so to have this moment and get to this stage..I just felt like all my dreams had come true – plus the fact that I’m notoriously soppy and cringe so I’ve been dreaming about it for years.



I’ve decided to leave quite a bit out, but what followed was the most perfect day. We excitedly shared the news with our friends and family and then put the phones away and spent the day in our very own bubble. We went for a celebratory drink in the most beautiful hotel ‘Hotel Danieli’   followed by Prosecco on the Gondola, and carried our celebrations in to the day and night. I’m the happiest I have ever been in my life, and I’m so appreciative for the fuss everyone has made and for everyone’s special messages. It means so much, thank you x


Day 3, Florence to follow tomorrow

The future Mrs C eeeeek x

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