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‘Why are women never happy’




I have been asking myself this question alot lately and it has been niggling away at me for a while.

‘Why am I never happy’

I have more than I could have ever dreamed of growing up; A boyfriend, a child and a house but for some reason that isn’t enough. I am obsessed with all three yet I still want more? We was having this conversation with friends the other evening and one of them said ‘You women are never happy’ and it got me thinking even more. Why do I want more? I’m finally settled in my own home after living at 13 different addresses, I have the best Boyfriend I have ever had, the Mother & child relationship that I have always wanted so why can I not be happy with what I have. I am ridiculously grateful so I know that isn’t it. I often tell the other half how appreciative I am for our home and how lucky we are to have Joseph as there are many women who cant or are struggling to conceive – but I still want more. I want an animal, I want more kids, I want marriage – I’ll then probably want a farm, to adopt, to renew my Wedding vowels.

& then I realised I knew the answer all along..

‘ I’m family ambitious’ 


Some people have their career ambitions, life ambitions, and family ambitions – I fall into the latter category.  I have had a taste for this family life and it has made me so happy I want to build on it. Some people have big brains and want to use it to carve a successful career, some people have big brains and a big heart and want to build a successful career and family life, some people have a big heart and want to simply build a family life. That doesn’t necessarily mean having more children, but building on your family life could mean working towards a new home, getting a family pet etc.

I really am happy and greatful with what I have in my life, and if  I am not able to have any more children for any reason then of course I  am going to be more than happy with my amazing little family, however having Joseph and the  happiness he has brought out in me so far, makes me want to do it all over again.


Being a Mum is more amazing than I ever thought it would be. It isn’t always plain sailing, I am tired the majority of the time and some days I have no patience at all but it is the best job I could have ever dreamed of and it makes me strive to promote myself to a Mum of two at some point in the future.


So there you have it. There is my theory. I am not speaking on behalf of every woman, however I do think I speak on behalf of quite a few of us. Men, it isn’t that we are ‘unhappy’ or ‘never happy’- it is actually quite the opposite. Our happiness makes us more ambitious and want more. Take a Farmer for example – I bet some Farmer’s start out small; a couple of pigs.. few chickens, a horse or two – and they realise how much they love them and what they do and and end up with a whole lot of different animals. Now I’m not comparing my child to a farmyard animal (although he does sometimes smell like one) , but I imagine it is kind of like the same thing ! We are so happy with what we have, it pushes us to want to build on it. It brings out our ambitions. So really, it is the men’s fault for making us so happy 😉 I guess opposite sexes will never fully understand eachother, and that is the beauty of it – that’s what makes life interesting and keeps us on our toes – men, you gotta love em’


 Please note: This is what make’s me happy. This is not what should make you happy. People seek happiness in all different forms; Careers, travels, being single, buying a home, renting a home, permanent work, temp work, I could go on – no one else is to say what should float your boat – this is just what makes me happy and what want out of my life at the moment. My goals may change at some point to career, travels etc however this is where I am now and what I want out of my life. Your life should revolve around what makes you happy. This is simply my account of mine – thanks for reading x

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