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Reflecting on my first year of ‘Motherhood’


With my little Joseph turning 1 tomorrow , I feel compelled to write something to mark the occasion. Let me start by saying, What.A.Year. Infact, that almost feels like an understatement. I guess like many, I was quite naive. Of course I was prepared for it to be challenging, but I almost didn’t see past the …

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We love bath time


  I am obsessed with this product. I have always had quite dodgy, sensitive skin. It seems to have calmed down with age but when I was younger it was a bloody nightmare. I was the kid that should have been wrapped in bubble wrap. Hayfever and excema galore! Something that I have been quite …

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Maternity Clothes


My second post yay. Since sharing this last night, I kept waking up excited, thinking of all the things I cannot wait to blog about – so hello again! Girls, I am being so honest when I say I am no Gok when it comes to fashion. I really just roll with the punches. I …

Being Mum, Product Reviews

The holy grail – ‘ a good nights sleep ‘


Since Joseph was merely a few weeks old, we learnt that you will buy simply ANYTHING if it gets you a ‘good’ nights sleep. When I say a ‘good night’s sleep‘ I am not quite sure if I fully know the real meaning of that anymore, however my current definition of this is the following; …