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Kiddylicious – Product Review


When Kiddylicious asked me if I would like to try some of their products I couldn’t respond quick enough! Joseph (and the bf) are already big fans of their wafers and to be honest.. at times they have kept me sane!

As soon as we are through the front door from nursery, I literally run to the kitchen ‘Mo Farah styleee‘ – you do not mess around with my boy when he is tired and hungry! The nursery feed the kids their dinner at around 3.30pm so by 5.30pm I have a very hungry and tired Joseph on my hands -hence the wafers saving my sanity..he loves them! That said, so much so I think he has had his fair share of them over the past 6 months that he is starting to get a little bored of them so for him to be able to try a variety of products from the range came at a perfect time! I am constantly thinking of healthy snacks to give Joseph and now he is 1 there are so many more to chose from.

What I love about the Kiddylicious range is the variety! There is so much to chose from and all equally as yummy! I will warn you though Parentals…you will love them as much as your little one(s)! A personal fave of mine…(I mean Josephs).. are the ‘Sour Cream and chive Lentil crisps’ they are amazing..and at 50 something calories, even better ( for the adults of course )

The wafers make for the perfect weaning snack and great for teething too!! It was one of the first snacks I introduced Joseph to when weaning him. Naturally I was wary incase of him choking but as with any wafer they go really soft.

*A little tip – as I have found with alot of baby products over the past year, you can pick up the Kiddylicious products for a little cheaper in Morrisons. Also be sure to keep an eye out for how to get money off of their products as stated on the packaging. 

I simply cannot fault the Kiddylicious range in the slightest and I have already recommended to my friends who are jumping onboard the baby train (yay) ! Reasonably priced,fun packaging, healthy and nutritious – all you could want for your little munchkin!

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