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I am obsessed with this product. I have always had quite dodgy, sensitive skin. It seems to have calmed down with age but when I was younger it was a bloody nightmare. I was the kid that should have been wrapped in bubble wrap. Hayfever and excema galore! Something that I have been quite worried that I will pass down to Joseph. I just used water to start off with when bathing him, as recommended by the Health Visitor. I then moved on to ‘Oilatum for Infants’and I can’t fault it as I have always used it myself but I just found it to be too slippery. It was too much of a  challenge when bathing him on my own – too dangerous. I then remembered spotting a ‘Childs Farm’ bottle in my sister in laws bathroom once and began to have a google. It is a British brand ‘free-from’ ingredients and essential oils to and is mild on the skin, for more info check out their website

It smells gorgeous – tangerine’y and it says you need a good lug but to be honest I found a little goes a long way. Also, the Kanye in me likes the appearance of the bottle as it goes well in my bathroom! All white errrrrrry’thing!

Touch wood, so far we haven’t had any issues with Josephs skin. I don’t know if any of this works towards preventing excema  but I will give it a good go!

Up until last week I was using ‘Burts Bee’s’ body moisturiser, which again I LOVE and it sure does last, but can be quite costly too. I saw that ‘Childs Farm’ have a baby moisturiser and I love it as much as the bubble bath. It has a light pump action and you only need a small amount. Soaks straight in to the skin and isn’t greasy or slippy. For myself I have no problem experimenting but I think when it comes down to babies/childrens skin, if you find a brand/range that works well you should stick to it.

If you give it a go, let me know what you think guys and girls ! X

Moving on, I couldn’t blog about bath time and not give this a special mention. Would have been lost without it – Angelcare bath support! Hugely popular and I know many people that have used it and rave about it. Not to mention how cute they look laying on it!

It comes in two colours, pink and blue and simply goes in your bath. Not much more to it. It ranges from £15 – £20 so be sure to shop around for the cheapest. It is available at the following retailers; John Lewis, Kiddicare, Ebay, Toys r Us, Tesco Direct and


*Imagine using it, and the baby tries to sit up and goes head first for the bath and by some miracle you swing in and catch him. I mean, that definatley didn’t happen to me or anything, but be careful incase it happens to you 😉 *

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