Childs Farm Baby Wipes


We have been a huge fan of ‘Childs Farm’ products since Joseph was born over two years ago! For years I have seen it in my Sister in Laws Bathroom as she has always used it on my niece and I have always looked at her as my ‘Mumspiration’ so I knew it was something worth buying – and it was. So much so that when I started my blog over a year ago now, it was one of my first posts! http://jaxandjoseph.co.uk/product-reviews/we-love-bath-time/

Over the past two years, Childs Farm has continued to bring out more amazing products and the Baby Wipes are no exception. I have always been specific with the baby wipes I use, using either sensitive or water wipes – however, I have now been converted.


As I mentioned before, I always take extra care where possible with Joseph’s skin incase he inherits my Excema/Sensitive skin. Touch wood, so far he has been ok but I do believe a big element of that is down to the choice of products that I use. These wipes are Organic which is a always a big hit for me and also biodegradable. There are two different types available; Fragrance free and Grapefruit & Organic tea tree, which smells AMAZING. For me, the only thing I struggled with was getting out one wipe at a time but that could just be down to my awfully overgrown acrillyc nails (getting them done today 😉 ) Most importantly for me though is that they are easy to seal, there is nothing worse than getting your wipes out for use and seeing that they have dried out!

You can buy any of their products from their website https://www.childsfarm.com/ otherwise you can also purchase them from the following retailers; Boots, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado, Superdrug, Booths, Holland & Barrett, Lloyds Pharmacy 

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