Don’t lose who you really are!


Do me a favour –  If you are reading this, the chances are you have Facebook right?! & the chances are you have had it for many years?! Go to your pictures – scroll right through to the oldest ones. Do you notice any difference compared to the most recent years? I’m not talking about the  questionable hairstyles, dodgy eyebrows or crazy fashion sense. I’m talking about the silliness.

So I have just done exactly that, and I tell you what the biggest comparison for me was, looking at then to now – the care free attitude. A reminder of the fact that when I was younger, I really didn’t give a shit. Somehow over the past few years I have gone from being the person in the photo pulling a face or jumping in the air, to the one that is fixated with getting the right pose, making sure I have fresh lippy, to perfecting the angle of which my arms will look skinnier. I have gone from the girl who wouldn’t even care to look at the picture after it was taken, to the girl who thanks their lucky stars for ‘tag approval’ & Instagram filters.


What happened? I have been sitting here for the past 20 minutes, wondering what the hell has happened to that care free girl? Of course maturity happened but amongst that, I guess life happened. As you grow up, life happens and can throw things at you that are out of your control. We can be the victim of rejection in many different forms and none of us can get away from that and it can knock our confidence. As we grow up, our confidence can suffer many blows and ultimately that does take an effect. Ask anyone that know’s me, I definatley still have a care free attitude about me, but I just care a whole lot more what people think of me.


When I was flicking through these photos, I looked so silly and care free, I was smiling as I was looking through them thinking ‘what an idiot’. A stranger can tell a lot of you by your photo. As weird as it sounds, and a bit f*cked up – heaven forbid, if anything was to ever happen to me and a photo of me was to be released you could tell so much more about me by that stupid sticky out tongue picture, rather than the one of me ‘pouting’.


Looking at those pictures have been a bit of a wake up call for me to be honest, and I want it to do the same to you. Lets take it back to the oldschool, and bring back a bit more of that care free attitude. Of course as you get older, and you have more responsibilities, of course life is a million miles away from what it was before, but we still need to keep that ‘young’ part about us. The part that isn’t afraid to be silly and act silly. Life is so serious sometimes, we can’t help but let it shape us BUT we can stop it defining who we are. One day Joseph will show his Grandkids photo’s of me & I want them to look at me and think ‘ so that’s where we get our craziness from ‘



We ain’t getting out of here alive are we. It is impossible for us to love life all of the time because horrible things get thrown at us BUT we simply cant let these misfortunes change us and take away that spark that is inside us. I definitely refuse to let that happen, and so should you x

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