Half a f*cking stone!


Half a f*cking stone – I have put on HALF AN EFFING STONE!! I know that may sound so pathetic to some but I put so much pressure on myself it hits me haaaard. To be honest though, I deserve it – I deserve it 100%

I have gone all out this Summer, over indulging on everything and haven’t been keeping up my momentum at the Gym, so I really shouldn’t be surprised at all. It’s just a bit disheartening when I worked so hard after having Joseph to lose weight and get fit and healthy, but there is something about the Summer that just brings the devil out in you. I blame the light evenings! They make me hyper, mischevious and a bit of a wino. Nothing ridiculous, I am a Mum afterall but probably have been drinking more than I should – and with me I cant seem to have a glass of wine without a cigarette. Naughty I know, I’m not proud of it but atleast I’m being honest. What’s the point in blogging if your not going to be honest aye!

So last night, there I was at the Gym for my weigh in! I needed to know where I stood and what I was working with. Half a fucking stone is what I am working with. It’s nothing really I know, but I am vein and I like to moan. I tell you something though, nothing gives you a kick up the arse more than weighing yourself. I had a good Gym session afterwards, this morning I have had a Gym class and already I am feeling motivated. Bikini bodies are made in the Winter apparently so here goes! I will be sharing my tips, progress and recipes along the way. For me though, it isn’t just about losing weight. Gym is a way of life for me. It gives me that break and keeps me mentally focused. Not to mention the fact that I generally like to try and look after myself for Joseph. I think it is so important to always feel the best you can also, and I feel better and happier a little smaller than I currently am. That is just my preference, I am by no way saying that people should be ‘skinny’ etc because that is 100 percent not the case at all, but I have seen myself bigger and I was not a fan!!!

I look forward to showing my progress with you all and if you would like more up to date info you can follow me over on my Instagram – jaxandjosephx

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