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When you are a Mum, your first job is to provide the basic needs of your little one: food, shelter, warmth and protection. But as they get older, things get a little more complicated. You have to think about things like emotional support and of course, supporting their learning. You might believe that at a certain age it will be up to schools to teach your kids and help their intelligence develop. But actually, this isn’t true, and you will play a significant role. In fact, your decisions can help determine whether your child reaches their full potential through education. Let me show you how.

 Bedtime Behaviour

 It’s impossible to overestimate how important sleep is for a child and their performance at school. Researchers have shown time and time again that a low amount of sleep will severely negatively impact cognitive function. You probably know this yourself due to those late nights in uni. The difference is that you can’t force feed your child coffee if they have a late night. That’s why you should make sure that you are setting bedtime, particularly at a young age. You might also want to think about how much entertainment tech is in their room. As they get older, you can think about giving them a little more freedom to make their own decisions. But you should still be watching them and helping however you can to get them the best night of sleep possible.

 For instance, you might want to consider getting them a proper bed with memory foam to ensure the maximum level of comfort.


Lessons In Learning

You might find that your child is struggling to learn in certain classes. There are lots of reasons for this from physical to emotional issues to struggles simply processing the information. But there are always solutions. If it’s physical, it could be an issue with their eyesight, and that’s why kids need regular trips to the opticians. Remember, when they’re young, kids won’t realize they can’t see the writing on the board or screen. If there are emotional problems, then it could be bullying. It’s important that you have an open and honest relationship with your child, doing your best to ensure they tell you about issues like this.

 If it is an issue with processing information, you might need to think of ways that you can make it easier for them. We don’t all learn in the same way. School trips can be very useful. You should encourage your child to attend trips that are visiting areas of historical significance because this will bring history lessons to life. Alternatively, you can think about helping them record information so that it can be played at night while they are sleeping.

Encouragement & Praise

 Finally, you need to make sure that you are encouraging your child to get involved in different activities at school including extracurricular options. This could always be a benefit later in life but will, at the very least, help them build up their social development. It’s an important step in school life and one that can be missed without the right encouragement from parents.

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