‘I’M JEALOUS’ – there I said it


I’m a Scorpio, and its common knowledge that being a Scorpio and jealousy go hand in hand.  That said though, I like to think that I get jealous for the right and obvioust reasons. and anyway us women all have ‘cray cray’ tendences, right?! Never did I think that I would get jealous when it came to Joseph and Adam – but I am, I really fricking am!!

They have the most amazing bond! It is clear to anyone that spends time with them and it really is the sweetest thing, but hey – what about me?!


They have always had their special little bond but for the past couple of months its really stepped up a gear. It’s all ‘Daddy this and Daddy that’ haha writing that I actually sound like such a brat but it’s true! ‘Daddy’ is the chosen one for EVERYTHING at the moment. Bedtime stories, cuddles, being put in and out the car, being pushed in the buggy – oh wait, apart from NAPPY CHANGES!!! We do laugh about it, because it is funny and Joseph obviously plays up to it but yesterday, ill be honest, I wasn’t laughing – quite the opposite.

Joseph stayed at my in laws for the night so that Ad and I could go Winter Wonderland. We had the best night ever followed by 10 HOURS uninterrupted sleep! We felt so rested when we woke up but equally we couldn’t wait to pick Joseph up! When we got there, Joseph was sooo excited and ran so fast.. into Adams arms of course. All of glanced  at me for half a second…and it went on like that for most of the day really. I had a cry when I got home and Adam really sympathised with me too because I felt so sad and it was quite cutting (obviously Joseph doesn’t realise at all)

Joseph has always been a bit of a ‘Mummy’s boy’ but I guess that now e we are together all of the time due to me working from home, he gets a bit sick of me! I think it is also the fact that he just isn’t my little baby anymore. I never really understood when people would say how quick it goes and to make the most of those special little moments. Joseph has so much personality now, he is truly amazing but sometimes I wish I could just go back to one of those moments where we would cuddle up to me for more than 2 seconds.  I just feel like a third wheel sometimes. That sounds so pathetic doesn’t it but its true. It was just me and him for those 9 months! All the above said though, and as much as I love a moan.. I wouldn’t really change it for the world because watching them two together does melt my heart and there is no one in this world I would want to be doing Parenthood with because he is the most incredible Daddy!

But anyway, I am a jealous Mum! I cant help it. I will just patiently wait until he is all about me again, which he will be – he is a male after all, they always come back don’t they 😉



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