My poor blog has faced massive neglect lately!! I seem to have really hit the ground running this year, I cannot believe that we are already 3 months in. Firstly of course getting Engaged! Nothing is yet set in stone, but don’t you worry, my Pinterest dream board is in full swing! Its funny because I always kind of knew the wedding that I would want.. well I say ‘kind of’ quite loosely, when in reality I have known my Wedding  including song(s!!!) for years 😉 BUT there is soooo much choice I now think our Wedding may even be the complete opposite to what I thought it may have been! Anyway, we are in no real rush at the moment as we have a few things we want to tick off first.

So, that aside.. we have also been super busy with my latest project, which I am SO excited about. Its no secret that I love being in the kitchen! I love cooking and trying new things, as I have always documented in my Blog.  I guess I am quite brave in that sense, because I will literally try anything. Over the past few months I’ve really been getting in to my Baking, and it turns out, I’m not actually too bad at it! I actually really bloody enjoy it!! My friend has been telling me for a little while now that I should pursue something with it but I just didn’t know whether I would be good enough or not. So after much deliberation, I just decided to just go for it! I mean, what do I have to lose? Like I said, I’ll try my hand at anything. So after a busy and stressful few days trying to get everything sorted, a couple of weeks ago ‘JaxBakes’ was launched and I cannot believe the response that I have had – it has been truly overwhelming.  For the time being I’m keeping it simple and sticking to Biscuits as that is predominantly what I enjoy doing, but I wont rule out venturing into other baked goods at some point in the future I’m sure. Ever since I can remember I have always loved making things for people. I just love putting in that effort and adding perfect little touches for loved ones. Combining that and my new found love of Baking, I’m just full of so much excitement about what the future has to bring for our new little Business. I say our because although my name may be to it, I could not do it without the other half! I may be in charge of the baking, but the two of us together have come up with some pretty cool ideas!




I’m really excited to share our journey with our new Business venture and will make sure to keep you all updated via my Blog. I get so caught up on Instagram sometimes, I really need to learn to spread it out a bit!

So as if that wasn’t making life hectic enough, we have also started ‘Potty Training’ wahhh, where has my baby gone!!! I’ve always been quite excited for Josephs new development stages, but I have to say, this one I have kind of been dreading. Its like the final transition from a baby to a little boy! As yet, I haven’t got a huge amount to fill you in on regarding Potty training as we have just started, but I’m definatley going to be blogging about it. To be  honest, I’m finding it a bit of a mind field so hopefully anything I learn along the way I can share with you guys!

Seriously, who knew there were so many pottys on the market?! Its actually insane! Anyway after a good hour or so of internet browsing we opted for ‘My Carry Potty’   Its fun, easy to clean and of course portable! Alongside the potty, we also got him some ‘Paw Patrol’ pants!! I cant believe how grown up he looked wearing these little pants!! I’m going to write up a ‘Potty Training post in a couple of days so keep an eye out!!

That’s really, all that I have to report on at the moment!! I have been snowed with ‘Mothers Day’ biscuit orders and I feel truly overwhelmed, the response from people has been like no other and I cant wait to share my exciting journey with you all!!


img_7692 28055742_2055097027841342_5643913419875866669_n

I’m currently writing this with heavy eyes so I’m going to wrap this up and I look forward to keeping you all updated on our latest adventures!

Lots of love, J x


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