Lazy Monday zzz


Monday 20th November 2017


So much for me doing my weekly updates! I vowed that I would publish a post every Sunday and I have already failed. Life is just constantly busy at the moment. So much so, it is 14.41 and Joseph and I are still in our PJ’s! We haven’t done this for such a long time, but I felt like I just needed a little recharge – which didn’t take much convincing seeing as though the weather outside is rubbish! Proper cosy Monday weather 🙂

Joseph had me up 4 times last night.  That’s the thing as a Parent. When you settle your child down for the land nod and say ‘sweet dreams, see you in the morning’ you sound little convinced yourself and your little one see’s right through it 😉 ‘Not quite sure what was wrong with him, I think it may have been nightmares..which does make me laugh because I think ‘what could a two year old possibly be dreaming about? – Iggle Piggle being cornered by a really pissed off Ra Ra the Lion? who knows!!

So here we are, having a lazy day so I thought I would quickly type up a post before Joseph spots me and belly flops on the Laptop – or pees on the carpet… ! On days like this I try to let him roam around nappy free so he can get used to the potty being there. He isn’t quite grasping it at the moment but I’m not going to rush it, rather ease him in until he is ready! Over the past two weeks we have had such a chatterbox on our hands. Joseph doesn’t stop talking and he is so much fun to be around. We have had the odd tantrum but he tends to go through phases. He gives us a couple weeks good behaviour and then BAM… terrible twos galoreeeee for a week or so! So yes, at the moment Joseph and I are firm friends 😉


Last week was our first full week together since his last day at Nursery and oh my god – full credit to full time stay at home Mum’s. I kept us pretty busy every day to be fair, with play groups and activities but I didn’t wash my hair for 5 days!!!! I’m an every other day kinda girl usually but last week it was all about the dry shampoo. I just didn’t have the chance. I always hear Mum’s say that but I never really understood how, but now I realise how bloody precious time is and how little of it you get on your own! If I so much as go to the toilet Joseph starts yelling ‘Muuuuummy’ and doesn’t stop until I am found. I had to hide in the kitch the other day to quickly down a tea and eat a biscuit!! Any spare time in the evening I was busy with work bits and wanting to spend time with Ad – the week just flewwwww by. I guess it was my Birthday last week too so that kind of sent me out of sync. Although I’m sure a certain programme called ‘Peaky Blinders’ didn’t help! I never bothered getting into it but have started watching it from the beginning on ‘Netflix’ and I am addicted. Not to mention Thomas Shelby…I keep thinking about him haha I think Ad will be getting a flat cap and braces for Christmas.

Right, how I have managed to type this much is a bloody miracle because I am now getting pounced on my Master Joseph himself. I hope you all have a lovely week. The rest of our week is pretty booked up with baby groups and many other fun activities with Joseph and I can’t wait 🙂

Love, J x

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