Pre-Baby Bucket List.


Bucket List – a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

I am sure you are aware of a Bucket List, maybe you have even made one yourself, BUT have you heard of a ‘F**k It List’

There is nothing in this world that I would change about having Joseph, however I do wish someone had told me that things would change in terms of the activities I would be willing to participate in – and how  scared I would become OF LIFE, whereas before I was the polar opposite.


Well here I am, about to introduce you to the ‘F**k It List’ – it is a list of things that you want to achieve before you become a Parent. Before Joseph, that was pretty much my response to anything, ‘Oh, f it’ –  now however, everything is with thought, hesitation and thinking of the consequences. I managed to tick quite a lot off myself, but let me tell you, when you have a baby you  become so much more aware of danger and less willing to participate in such ‘dangerous’ activities. I wish someone had told me this before I became a Mum, because when you are childless you are more susceptible to taking risks, however when you become a Parent, you are much less likely to put your life in any form of danger.


Take Theme Parks for example – I LOVED them. Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Chessington – I was a proper thrill seeker, I even done a Sky Dive. Now though as much as I would love to experience the adrenaline rush  of jumping out of a plane, it’s just different. I couldn’t put myself in such a risky position knowing that I have Joseph. Me & Ad would be too scared to even go to a Theme Park just the two of us now. That said we did give the Ghost Train a go at Winter Wonderland but that’s the most you’ll get out of us.  Trust me, I still live my life and have a good time, but not as foot lose and fancy free as I did before. Everything you do is with your child in mind so you tend to be more aware of the risks at hand.  For this reason, before you become Parents, I propose that you get a little cray cray or even experience things that you may be that little more limited to do when you have a baby- I’m not talking Jackass, set yourself on fire antics – but stuff that is out of your comfort zone – just don’t worry so much, trust me when you have a child your worry levels shoot through the roof! Here are a few ideas for you;

1 – Skydive – It will be one of the most scariest but amazing experiences of your life

2 – Go to a theme Park as many times as you can

3 – Travel and experience as many places as you can

4 – When on holiday as a couple get stupidly drunk, go on Jet-Ski’s, have massages – just proper couply stuff

5 – Go to Ibiza, Vegas, Glastonbury

6 – Go for drinks on a Monday –  just because it’s Monday ( may aswel have a shot while your at it )

7 – Embrace the hangover – it’s the ‘nicest’ hangover you will ever have

8 – Lay in bed, lay in bed allllllll day 

9 – Enjoy not having to SHARE YOUR FOOD

10 – Take extra long showers because they will be cut short with the paranoia of ‘hearing your child         scream or cry – 9 times out of 10 this is in your head

11 – Whilst taking the stairs/elevators when shopping may seem LONG – this is nothing compared to searching for the lift in department stores (Bluewater House of Fraser – killer)

12 – There is no such thing as ‘spending too much money on yourself’ if you have worked hard for it, you deserve it, put yourself and your fashion needs first, because THAT WILL CHANGE

13 – If your on a long car journey, relax and recline your chair back and stretch out – once you have a baby seat in the back and form of relaxation or reclining is out thaaa window

14 – Run out the house and into your car, free as a daisy as many times as you can – this will be one of the most missed things of your life

15 – Go to busy markets; Colombia Flower Market – trust me, we tried with Joseph and nearly lost him in the Sunflowers!

16 – Go.To.Every.Festival.That.You.Can

17 – Cinema Nights – Tango Blast and large pop corn, thank you very much

18 – Read books from start to finish and box sets – when I finished work to go on Maternity Leave I laid in bed all day and watched Sex & the City episodes one after another – One of my favourite days and memories, I fully embraced it all.

19 – Eat at adult restaurants

20 – Live with no regrets, go on that holiday, go camping, stay up until 4am, pub sessions in the day. Do it, do it alllllllll – be as selfish as possible (well within reason)

(It goes without saying though that with all this in mind you still have to act responsible even before you have a baby- I’m not telling you to go completely mental, everything in moderation but just enjoy the care-free-ness that life has to offer before you become a Parent) 


& if you’re already pregnant, have no fear – between me and you, life may be different when you have a baby but its a whole lot better & more fun 😉 ) 


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