Mess, oh bloody MESS


I’m not sure whether this is because I am now working from home, or that Joseph is now a full on toddler (with a whole load of energy) BUT there is something that I’m kind of struggling with. You know you get those lovely Mums (and if you’re one of them, GO YOU) that have the attitude ‘ its only mess, let them play ‘ attitude – I AM CATEGORICALLY NOT ONE OF THEM. It’s actually stressing me to my very core! I’m really house proud (not to the point where people feel uncomfortable) and I’m not anal about it, but clutter and mess makes me anxious. My home is not a show home, I mean it looks like a ‘family home’ and don’t get me wrong, I love that BUT its just the toys. Toys on toys on toyyyyyys. Joseph feels the need to empty every basket, every box – everything – I have my very own Tasmanian Devil. I am getting better with it, and having a bit more of a laid back attitude but there is something about mess that shifts my mood. I cant wake up to it and I cant leave the house like it. I am really trying, I am but I don’t understand why toddlers cant just stick to one corner or one room rather than ransacking the whole house haha. Apart from that really minor problem, in the grand scheme of things, life is really good.. but I just need to kind of learn how to deal with that issue. Do you ever? Do you just accept that your house will look like its been burgled the majority of the time? Or do you just work towards earning more money so that you can get a cleaner? I think ill aim towards the latter 😉

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