Rainy Day Activities For You And Your Kids


It’s raining outside, your children are bored, and you are stuck for something to do. Well, fear not, we are here to rescue you. No, we aren’t offering to be an impromptu childminder, but we do have some rainy day ideas you might find useful.

Get out of the house

 We will be looking at some of the things you can do in your own home in a moment. But, if being trapped within your own four walls is making you and your children crazy, look for fun family activities within your neighbourhood. From swimming pools to play centres, there will be something near you. Get online and make a Google search if you are in any way unsure as to what’s out there.

Play some games

Thanks to video game consoles, tablets, and other smart devices, playing games as a family is something that has gone out of fashion in recent years. This is a shame, as this cuts down on the bonding time families can have together. While you could sit down with the kids on the Xbox and play some multiplayer games, why not dig out some board games instead. There are some great games for kids of all ages, and instead of having your eyes glued to a tv screen, you will have the space to have a conversation with your young ones, as well.

Be crafty

Kids love craft, whether it’s making things with pieces of card, having fun with playdough, or letting out their inner artist with tubes of paint. You don’t need to be an expert at craft. Instead, let your children use their imagination, or source ideas online, and create something with your kids that matches their interests. From toilet roll dinosaurs to plasticine jungles, have a go, and enjoy the creative process, no matter what the finished result looks like!

Watch a movie together

Don’t just plonk your kids down in front of the tv and leave them to it for the afternoon! Make an event out of it, with some homemade popcorn and comfy bean bags, and have a cinematic experience in your own living room. There are loads of family movies on Netflix, though it’s worth finding something you will enjoy as much as then. Of course, your kids may still insist on watching Frozen for the umpteenth time, so you may have to grit your teeth, and erm… let it go!

Play dress-up

What is it your kids enjoy? Knights and princesses? Spacemen and aliens? Life on the farm? Whatever it is, have a day dressing up and act out some fun role-play. You don’t need to buy any costumes, as you probably have items of clothing and accessories readily available that can be transformed into something new. The shyest of children come alive with a little bit of acting, and you can bring out your inner child too as you all create whatever fantastical scenarios you can come up with. Don’t worry, if you’re short of ideas, your kids will tell you what to do. You may have to say goodbye to dignity and self-respect, however!

Get in the kitchen

The kitchen can be a hazardous place for kids, so you do need to remember safety rules. Still, it can also be a wonderful place for children, especially if they have a hand in creating something to eat. Whether it’s an ice cream cake, or something more nutritious, your children will have a lot of fun making a mess of your kitchen.


So, there we have it. Who needs the sun and the great outdoors when you can have so much fun doing other things? Whatever you do, have fun, and make the most of the time you have with your kids. You can create some wonderful memories together, despite the weather

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