Simple Taste Electric Milk Frother


I love that a lot of my friends have children now. It means that we are forever getting together for a coffee and a gossip whilst the kiddies amuse themselves.

As much as I LOVE going out for a coffee, its almost a bit of a luxury because its just too much hard work sometimes. Its so much easier just to get the girlies and kiddies over to mine so we can drink copoious amounts of caffeine and have a good ole’ chinwag.

With all that in mind, when I had the opportunity to test and review a ‘Milk Frother’ I felt like the perfect judge! I am forever in the kitchen either making Coffee and Babycinos for us all! Appearance wise it goes perfect with my kitchen and is very sleek! It comes with a stand which makes it ideal to stick next to your kettle!


It comes with two AA batteries and works by simply pressing the button for a few seconds creating a smooth and frothy top for your drink. Not only can it be used for hot drinks but also; flavoured milks, matcha teas, mixed drinks and even food products such as egg yolks and sauces. It does what it says on the box, albeit not as frothy as I would have liked it but does the job all the same! I am a firm believe of, you get what you pay for and priced at just a few quid, you cant expect it to be overly amazing but it does the trick.

For more ‘Milk Frothers’ you can check out a comparison guide here –  https://www.cookbakeeat.com/best-milk-frothers/

The Simple Taste electric milk frother is available to purchase below



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