The power of Friendships


So lately, as you would have noticed, I have had complete writers block. Some people can just think of a subject to write about and wack out a post, but not me. In order to write, to really write, it has to be something from the heart and something that I feel passionately about. Lately, something that has really struck a chord with me is ‘friendships’. I am forever grateful for my friendships and like to think that I never take them for granted, but sometimes it is easy to underestimate the power of them.


When the going gets tough, which lets be honest, in life it sometimes does – I prefer to ride the wave alone. I hate to be a burden on people and if I am being every more honest, relying on a woman is not something that I have ever done – infact relying on anyone isn’t something that I ever feel safe enough to do. I have always believed that the best way to get through things is do them alone – or so I thought anyway. What I have come to learn is that there really is only so much that you can get through mentally on your own. Someone has told me and taught me lately how much of a difference it can make to open up.  Everyone needs a cheerleader in their life and you shouldn’t be any different. I have learnt that when you learn to put your trust in people, you can be pleasantly suprised. You feel like someone is on your side, you have reassurance that you aren’t totally going crazy and you have someone building you up. Lets face it, we are all our own worst judgemental enemies so to have even just one person there to help you build up your confidence is something that we all need. Something really significant that has stood out to me lately is that opening up to people is not a sign of weakness – far from it.  I pride myself on being a tough cookie so I always felt that as soon as I would be honest with how I really felt, I would be judged, left or hurt – which is a load of bollocks.


There is only one person that creates your own fears and that is you. There is also only one person that can conquer their own fears, and guess what – that is you.

I believe that everyone should strive to be the best person they can be, and in order to do so you have to notice your weaknesses and make a change on them. Utilise your friendships, put trust in your friendships and let them in, otherwise you only get misunderstood and can ultimately leave them feeling shit, which is the last thing you would want – silence can come across as though you don’t care so be honest and open about it.

In a world full of people you can sometimes feel alone, so you need to recognise that you’re not. The best form of therapy is talking to people, and even better than that is that there is a possible chance that they feel or have felt the same at some point – so you know you’re not going mental. We are all very different people in this world, but a lot of us are more alike than we think we are.

Just having a chat with someone can make you feel so much better and I always say to my Insta Girlies, that if they need a chat or advice to ping me a message – and that goes for you reading this too. Don’t go through life being scared of being hurt, as soon as you start to let your guard down and let people in – beautiful things can happen.



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