Thou shall not be too soft


In my life so far, there have been times when I have been a bit of a ‘walk over’ – or so people may think.

The truth is, I just know when to pick and chose my battles.. or I simply cannot be arsed. I always try not to react in the heat of the moment because I know that 5 minutes later, I really won’t be bothered. Ok, maybe it’s partly down to me not liking confrontation too but what’s a girl gotta do to get an easy life around hereeee.

My Dad was amazing growing up when it came to discipline and teaching us manners. My Brother & I knew right from wrong and I like to think that we are both really respectful adults because of it. I look at my brother and I think he is the most polite, respectful and gentlemanly man & that is all down to my Dad & I want Joseph to be exactly the same – so I am determined to not be a walk over Mum as I have got the tendencies! I want to be his best friend, I mean we already are but I want him to really listen to me too.

So lately, I have been really working on my ‘stern mum voice’. I have been getting down to his level to speak to him, pointing my finger and shaking it to teach him that it mean’s no.. alot of my ‘telling off’ sentences start with

– ‘Right, Joseph that is enough now’

– ‘Erm excuse me..’

– ‘Joseph, look at Mummy, I said no (que finger shake)

The problem is, I end up laughing – I find it really hard not to. I am really trying but lately he has been upto a few of the following tricks, & I cant help but laugh

– Stealing the baubles from the tree

– Pulling eggs out of the fridge ( and yes they smashed on the floor – out of the box )

– Hiding my car keys in the fridge

– Dangling things over the toilet

– Trying to use my make up

– ‘Mamaaaa’ –  look’s me in the eye and chucks his food on the floor


I could go on, but I can’t help but giggle. Already though I find myself giving up and thinking ‘oh it’s just easier to let him do what he want’s to do’.. BUT NO.. I can’t be like this. I guess I don’t have to worry too much at the moment with him still being so young but already there have been times when I have given in because ultimately,  it make’s my life a bit easier. Now Joseph is walking he doesn’t like to be in the buggy for too long or in a shopping trolley.. so what do I do!? When I feel a meltdown on the horizon I zoom my trolley like I am on Supermarket Sweep straight to the ‘Baby Aisle’ and grab a treat for him to eat to keep him quiet for a bit. Us Mums make a rod for our own back though because yes it will give us a bit of peace for a few minutes, but then there is a chance that they will expect it every time. We are a nightmare aren’t we. I guess that is a challenge all parents have – we want our child to be happy but sometimes you do have to be ‘bad cop’

It’s funny because when I was younger I had the attitude of ” I am going to be the most laid back parent, let my child have everything and do anything they want to do and not be strict like my dad ” How thing’s change. They say your parent is your best teacher and that couldn’t be more true. I love the way that my Dad brought me and my Brother up. There are times when I wish I didn’t have to be so independent but I know how to stand on my own two feet so that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You have a new found respect for your parent’s when you become one yourself. It’s hard work but so rewarding. I know how much I love my Dad and how protective I am over him and I can’t wait for Joseph to be the same with me as he get’s older.

So for now I will keep working on my ‘Mum voice’ but won”t  stress too much about my uncontrollable laughter!


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