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32 weeks of YOU x

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32 weeks of YOU x

Honestly, I cannot believe we are here – 32 bloody weeks pregnant! There was a point in my first trimester where I thought that this pregnancy was going to go on forever, but actually it has flown by (although I am sure Adam would disagree, actually to quote the man himself, only this morning ‘Would you really want to put yourself through all of this again babe, it feels like this pregnancy is never ending’ lol) As a person, I am painfully impatient, so I thought time would truly standstill, yet here we are with just 8 weeks to go *gulp* – well anytime from 6 weeks.. holy shitinellllll.

Symptoms wise, there isn’t a huge amount to update on but the tiredness has for sure reared its ugly head again! I mean, not to the extent of that first trimester.. but it’s a different type of tiredness. I am waking up in the morning and struggling to adjust and get into the day, but then I guess that is probably a combination of the baby and struggling to get comfortable through the night.

We have pretty much got everything for her now, minus a couple of bits that we can get nearer the time. We have so much going on from now until the due date, literally every weekend so I have already made a start on washing her clothes and will be packing my hospital bag soon which I will be sharing a separate blog post on. Most exciting of all, is that I start my Maternity Leave only next week, which is kind of bittersweet for me as I work for such a lovely company with the loveliest people who I know I will miss.. it’s not often that I can say I like everyone too but I actually do – but on the other hand I am so tired now and craving time to myself and time with my biggest baby! For that reason, although I will have lots of time to get organised on mat leave its also important for me to spend as much quality time with Joseph as possible. For the first couple of weeks he will be at nursery, and im not going to lie… I am so excited for some time to myself to read, watch Netflix and catch up with my friends but also make time for lots of milkshake and park dates after the nursery pick up. I’m also excited to make a start on a new digital ‘Hypnobirthing Course’ that I have kindly been gifted from ‘The Positive Birth Company’  which I will be reviewing and blogging about at a later date so keep an eye out for that. Also lots of half term fun towards the end of May with my little man.

So initially, when I had planned this blog post I had in mind what I was going to fill you in on (and as mentioned in the symptoms.. not much to update on.. until today!

So the past couple of days I have been experiencing cramps, which I assumed were Braxton Hicks ( I never really noticed having them with Joseph) until this morning they came increasingly frequent and more painful, along with a lot of pressure! I really tried to keep my cool, but being a natural worrier I was starting to freak that I was in early labour. You just feel so vulnerable when you feel out of sorts, but more so when you’re pregnant – you are so very protective and you cant help but panic. After a chat with the hospital and Midwife they wanted to get me in to check to see whether I  was in early labour or not. 5 long old hours later, hooked up to a monitor and lots of checks and tests they confirmed that I am experiencing quite strong Braxton hicks and a possible bladder infection (which im awaiting results for) its all glamourous this pregnancy lark isn’t it! So yes, that’s where were at right now but I feel so much more reassured after a trip to the hospital – I always feel silly and like I may be over reacting but as the Midwifes said, you just cant take any chances as you know your body and instinctively your baby so well J Since returning home from the hospital I have been getting some strong stitch like pains which I am keeping an eye on but feel much more reassured knowing that she has been checked and is ok. I’m also super relieved that she isn’t on her way just yet.. only chicks I want to be seeing right now are easter related 😉

I look forward to giving you another update in a couple of weeks where I will be sharing my hospital bag checklist amongst some other exciting things as I continue to prepare for our new little love ( so many times I nearly slip up on her name – we have pretty much been set on it for a few months now but are so confidently set on it we can now order some personalised bits eeeeek.

As always, I love hearing from you all so please, if there is anything you would like me to write about then just drop me a message – your messages always brighten up my day!

Love, Jax x


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