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Christmas Timeeeeee – As 2016 draws to a close! x




I literally cannot believe that as I type this, it is Friday 9th December.. 2016 – nearly TWO THOUSAND AND SEVENTEEN eeeek –  I cannot believe it has been almost a year since my first Christmas as a Mum. My baby boy’s first of many Christmas’ !

I can’t help but have Alan Carr’s voice in my head as I write this but ‘what a yeaaaaar it has been’

It has probably been one of the most weirdest, up and down years of my life. It has been amazing for the fact that I have Joseph but there has also been so much change that at times it has knocked me sideways. They say that two of the most stressful thing’s in life is buying a property and having a baby.  Well of course us being us decided that we would do both within the space of 3 months. & then fast forward 7 months I then return back to work part time for a new company. I feel beyond grateful that I have been lucky enough for all of this to happen as it is all I have ever dreamed of, but so much change can take a little time to get your head around. Life has been a million miles an hour and the year has just gone so quick.


As the year come’s to a close I am determined to make it the most special time for my family. Christmas is the most magical time of the year and I love the special times we share with our friends and family.

I get sad for the year that has flown by so quick, yet I get excited for what the New Year has to offer. My friend’s having their babies, watching my own little darling grow and develop – it all makes me so excited.

You see all that ‘new year new me’ floating around and you know what, as much as some people may mock it and call it ‘bullshit’  I think it is true for us all. As people, we are constantly changing and each year we all go through some kind of change that does shape us into a different person than we was before – be it; loss, gain, heartache, love, careers, relocating – it all has some kind of effect.

Life is a funny old thing isn’t it. You think you have it all figured out and then something get’s chucked in the mix and you suddenly think ‘rightttttttt, how the hell do I deal with this’ but you do. It’s a coping mechanism and we all have it, and we all have the ability to surprise ourselves. I get the same feeling this time of the year as I did when Joseph turned 1 – you look back and you think wow.. we actually did it.

The older I get the older I realise that life is bloody hard work BUT it get’s even more rewarding as each year goes by. So as this year draw’s to a close – have fun!!!! Stop the diets, take a break from the gym, overindulge, be silly,  forgive and forget & decide what you want the new year to bring you. If you have had a bit of a shit year, it is NEVER too late to turn it around. If you have had a good year, then make next year even better!!!

I will be spending the remainder of my year –  watching, Love Actually, Serendipity, Elf, Home Alone, eating crap, drinking red wine, baking, cooking, quality time with my baby, annoying the other half, spending too much money – not taking life too seriously!

Merry Christmas x


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