Being Mum

Balance & Guilt


‘It’s all about finding the balance’ – I cant tell you how many times that sentence has come out of my mouth when I have written or spoken about certain subjects.  Whilst its true and important with most things, I just find it near on IMPOSSIBLE to find such a thing in parenthood. I mean, you can give it a good go to find a ‘balance’ but those little pangs of guilt always make it tip more one way than the other. Everyday, like most people, I strive to find a balance. Whether that be with my diet, working, going out etc I think it is important and healthy to, BUT I sometimes find it near on impossible to implement it with Parenthood. Its the guilt, the bloody guilt that gets in the way. Example; now that I am running my biscuit Business and getting busier, I always ensure that a chunk of the day involves doing something fun with Joseph so that I wont feel as bad when I have to spend the rest of the day in the kitchen.. so that’s a daily balance I try to strike.. but the inevitable mass feeling of guilt always plays a big part! It’s the same  as when I was working up town. I would work my three days a week and make sure the rest of the week involved lots of fun activities with Joseph and proper, quality time. I mean, that all sounds pretty well balanced doesn’t it..BUT NO, as a parent it never feels that way. We focus more on the time spent away with them, when in actual fact, I doubt they are effected in the slightest, its our own insecurities. So whatever your situation is, rest assured that we are all feeling the same. Whether you work part time, full time or are a stay at home parent, most of us pretty much struggle to find a balance. Trust me, this is coming from a woman who’s life is based around lists and a million note books. I try so hard to keep some kind of structure (but to be fair my prioritising is pretty shocking to say the least) BUT I find it just as hard to find a balance now that I am at home with Joseph, as I did when I was away from him working! As parents, all we can ever do is try our best. I’m always second guessing myself with Joseph. as a Mum, I put RIDICULOUS amount of pressure on myself to be what I think a perfect Mum should be, but when Joseph was a baby, someone said something to me that actually resonates with me a lot .. ‘ the fact that you worry and care means that you are already doing a great job’ and its actually pretty true isn’t it? All we can do is try our best, and so long as your little one is happy that’s a pretty good indication that you’re doing a good job 😉

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