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Christmas Traditions


Like many, I love Christmas. It is by far my favourite time of the year. Everyone just seems to be that little bit happier & it bring’s alot of people together. My fondest memories growing up are those surrounding Christmas time. From using a pillow case as a stocking, Being amazed at how the Robin would magically appear in different places around my Auntie’s house, to waking up at 5am to see if Santa had been.


Now that I have Joseph, Christmas has a whole new meaning. The past few years it has been more about getting drunk, and don’t get me wrong those who know me know that I will have a glass of red firmly in my hand over Christmas but my priorities have changed now. I love the idea of creating family traditions and although Joseph is still too young to appreciate Christmas, it is never too early to start.

I have made a list of those that I plan on starting myself and as always, open to any ideas you may have for me!

1 – Christmas Lights; There are a few well known houses in the area, one of which being in Hayes that go all out with the decs for Charity. This weekend we will be giving them a visit to admire and donate.

2 – Christmas PJs;

3 – Donation to Charity; Each year Joseph will donate money at Christmas to charity. Our chosen charity will be Ellenor;

4 – Christmas Crafts; Make a paper angel for lost loved ones. For ours we used: Paper Plates, Felt Tips, Paint

5- Visit Rudolph; It’s not Christmas until you visit the Reindeers! We love Ruxley Garden Centre

6- Christmas Movies; This one is a given. Joseph didn’t have a clue but something felt special about having ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ on with him.

7 – Christmas Tree Farm; This place is an all year rounder BUT something feel’s a bit more special going there at Christmas. Maaaaybe the fact it’s called Christmas Tree Farm, who knows 😉

8 – Orange in the stocking; To be honest, I had no idea why this was done until I just googled it, but it has always been one of my Christmas Traditions, so now it is Joseph’s too.

9 – Selection Box; Again, for the fact that my Dad always had one of these for my Brother & I. Funny really though because he used to wrap it up for under the tree – someone was trying to bring the Christmas Present numbers up 😉

10 – Hot Chocolate & Marshmellows in a Christmas mug; I won’t be starting this just yet but it is definatley going to be one for us on Christmas Eve as he get’s older

11 – Read a Christmas book on Christmas Eve;

12 – Christmas Eve Hamper; I like the idea of having a few of the above in a hamper for Joseph to have on Christmas Eve. Maybe from ‘Santa’s Elves’ containing; Xmas PJ’s, Xmas Mug, Xmas Book.

13  –Christmas Breakfast; Christmas morning has to be marked with a Full English and Pastries. Maybe a prosecco for Mamaa 😉

13 – Christmas Outfit; & last but not least, an outrageous outfit for Christmas Day whilst I can get away with dressing him in one!

I hope this has maybe given you some ideas for yourself. As mentioned, if you have any good ones please sling them my way. 

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