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How to deal with ‘Toddler Tantrums’


My most heartfelt, poignant and truthful post yet – ‘How to deal with Toddler Tantrums ‘ 
…..I haven’t got an effing clue. Any help would be appreciated BEYOND BELIEF. These toddlers are wriggly little things & not even the thick foundation & concealer attempting to cover my ‘mum bags’ can hide the redness & beads of sweat when he throws a paddy in public. Yesterday I looked like I was doing -Supermarket Sweep’ because Joseph was trying to throw himself out of the trolly so it was literally an in/out job.  Today he basically threw himself in a puddle because HEAVEN FORBID I was about to stop him on his ‘Mo Farah’ mission to the pond! & I could not even prepare you for the monumental breakdown he has when I take his beloved kitchen mop off of him.

I’M SO TIRED. (full of love & still smiling but so so tiiiiiiired)

Thanks in advance.

Love, girl with a headache, big bags under her eyes, very little patience (craving chocolate) & a glass of wine (bottle & a straw) x

4 Comments on “How to deal with ‘Toddler Tantrums’

  1. I wouldn’t worry about what other people think for starters. Strangers are just that – strangers! It doesn’t matter what they think! And those that are parents have probably been in the same boat themselves. I think the trick with tantrums is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Get to know what triggers them and preempt them. So maybe take a favourite toy to distract them in the trolley etc? I think distraction is a big help. Along with staying calm and communicating. I think sometimes it can be just frustration that brings these things about then they pick up on your stress making it all seem worse! But just remember that this too shall pass. Promise.

    1. You are a star! Thanks so much for your comment, really is of great help! Feel at such a loss sometimes on how to deal with them; Do I leave the room? Do I attempt to calm him down? Do I ignore him? So many different things. I think that it maybe down to sheer frustration as he isn’t fully talking yet so that may be why. Thanks lovely, just the words I needed to hear though 🙂 Will definatley try the toy trick!!! xxx

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