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Child-Friendly Flour Paint.



Now that the Winter month’s are starting to set in, it is becoming a little trickier to find things to do with Joseph.

The weather can make things pretty restrictive, and sometimes being indoors is enough to send you both a little cray cray.

Joseph is loving CBeebies atm which is really sweet but I don’t want him bonding too much with Mr Tumble rather than me so I have been thinking of fun stuff that we can do together indoors.

I was going through my pics today, and I totally forgot about the child-friendly ‘paint’ that I made up for Joseph in the Summer and he loved it! I originally bought some ‘child-friendly’ paint but I don’t trust the stuff. Also, I tried the old ‘footprints’ by painting Joseph’s feet and what a palava that was.  Naturally, Joseph put’s anything in his hand straight into his mouth and I didn’t want something that is meant to be fun to turn into a stress. I had a little google and found this cool idea and have to share it.

Basically all you need is; Water, Flour, Food Colouring. 

Mix the flour and water in a bowl until it is of a creamy consistency and then add in food colouring. 


Ok, so your not going to get the full on ‘paint effect’ but it’s fun, easy to clean and you won’t have to worry so much if they put it on their face or in their mouth.


Pre Joseph, I used to see people with their kids ‘artwork’ on their walls or stuck to their fridges and I didn’t really understand what was so special about a few blobs of mess.. but oh my god.. I totally get it!!  I swear, with every bit of artwork Joseph does, it may aswel have been painted by Monet. It’s the best artwork I ever did see and I’m pretty sure it could bring in a few quid at an Auction too 😉

If you give it a go, let me know how you get on.

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