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Sunshine Dough


When Joseph was younger I used to put myself out a lot more to keep him stimulated and entertained. I focused a lot more on his development in the first year than I have been as of late. Painting, rice shakers, pots and pans, shaving foam – I could give you a whole list of sensory activities that we would do together. As he has got older I have kind of left him to his own devices a bit more. I think the fact that it has been Summer plays a massive part in it as we tend to be either out and about or playing in the garden, however I do think the TV play’s a big part in it – as much as I hate to admit it. Joseph is obsessed with ‘Ra ra the lion’ and Postman Pat and could happily sit there for ages just watching it. Also, I kind of made myself not feel bad about it because he does a lot of activities at Nursery so I was using that to kind of justify it to myself.


It is just the easiest thing for me sometimes to stick the TV on because it allows me to get some bits done, but unless we are outside we don’t tend do bond over many activities like we used to and I feel so ashamed to say that. Joseph is so independent he is more than happy to sit and watch TV or play with his toys but I wanted to get back into doing more fun activities together, especially as it is now getting colder and I wanted to think of new and different things for us to do. We had THE most fun hour together and I realised how much I have missed it, not to mention his undivided attention ( being the needy Mum that I am ) we really did have a great time. I decided to make ‘Cloud Dough’ which I have named ‘Sunshine Dough’ for the fact that it was bloody miserable outside so we added some yellow food colouring to brighten us up a bit 🙂

You will need: Flour – Sunflower Oil – Food Colouring

Simply mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, being careful with how much oil you add in as you don’t want it too sticky! And that really is all there is to it. Add in some cookie cutters and utensils and there you go – fun had by alllll. I cant say how long it will keep for but afterwards I moulded into a big ball and wrapped in cling film to use the next day x 





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