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The nappy struggle is real


and relaaaaax..

I never write blog posts on my days off however I have just put Joseph down for a nap, I have a wash on and a sausage casserole in the slow cooker so I thought ‘why not’. I have pretty much done a full day’s work already so feel as though I need a bit of me time – for my sanity more than anything ! Already I’m feeling pretttttty tired.

So I have made a tea, lit a few candles and here I am. I already feel myself de-stressing after I have just had the mamouth task of changing Josephs nappy. Lately, he has been driving me mental when it comes to nappy changes. He used to be relatively chilled and would just lay there taking in all of his surroundings but since he has been on the move he will not stay still. It takes so much of my energy just to perform such a simple task. So much so, that I just dread it. I feel like I am running against the clock until he tries to scarper away. I had so little patience the other day that I tried to change him whilst he was standing up which of course resulted in him pee’ing everywhere as soon as I had taken his nappy off – I couldn’t help but laugh.  It’s the expression on their face. It’s almost like ‘oopsie’


Even fun tasks like bath time. I love watching him in the bath. He happily sits in there playing with his toys and at the same time I get to just sit and relax for a little while whilst I watch him. Lately though, I find myself not looking forward to them as much because of having to change him afterwards. Same with the bedtime routine. I love usually love it ( and of course look forward to it 😉 ) . It’s always so peaceful and I love winding down at the end of the day. However as of late, I can only compare it to ‘The Exorcist’ – Ok, Joseph definatley isn’t the devil and I’m definatley not pure enough to be a Priest but you get the drift. It takes every little bit of my energy to try and pin him down and let me change him. I mean, heaven forbid I am looking after him and keeping him hygienic !

It’s to the point where I get embarrassed when I have to change him whilst out. I dread to think what people must be thinking when they are waiting to use the ‘disabled loo’ – I end up coming out of there so stressed, hot and bothered. Of course within seconds that soon subsides because of his cheeky’ness but even so! I have been told that this is a passing phase so all I can do is really hope that it is. Trust me, I try everything. I have tried to make nappy changes fun, even bribe him with some milk or something afterwards but he is a stubborn one and nothing makes a difference.




Whilst I am on the subject of nappy changes, if you are experiencing these problems with a young baby, I used to find that switching a hair dryer on would make a difference as it is a form of ‘white noise’. When Joseph was a newborn he didn’t like changes at first but as soon as we started using the hair dryer trick it worked a treat. Gotta warn you though, you do look slightly comical. I used to laugh so much when one of us would be changing and the other would be standing on the sidelines waving a hairdryer like a lunatic haha! Needs must though!

Anyway reverting back to my current Nappy wars, I will keep you updated. In the meantime, please send me some positive thoughts and reassurance that this is a passing phase because my stress levels are shooting through the roof. The most frustrating thing of all is that apparently he is ‘good as gold’ when he has it changed at Nursery. The same when he is with his Grandparents. I think they just know how to press your buttons and strive for a reaction (babies not Grandparents haha) – which more often than not I end up giving him! It’s so much easier said than done not to react isn’t it. I used to have the patience of a Saint with other peoples children but sometimes it can just be the tip of the iceberg can’t it, especially after a long and tiring day.  If you have experienced similar problems and have any tips or words of wisdom for me, hit me up sugar. In the meantime I will continue to work on my ‘you put your left leg in, your left let out, in out in out and shake it all about’ x


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