Being Mum

We’re baaaaaaack!


Hey strangers! It’s been a while hasnt it?!

It feels SO good to be back! I mean, I haven’t gone anywhere, but the past few months have truly rolled into one.  I have missed writing so much! It’s like therapy to me and a true passion. So in a nutshell, the past few months have been a mix of starting my new business venture ‘Jax Bakes’, starting a new part time job, and being a Mummy. It’s been a fun few months but at one point, I was pretty much starting my days anywhere from 5am and finishing anywhere towards 1am! Hats off to the full time working Mums I tell ya! I was basically working full time, whilst trying to be a good Mum & Partner that  I completely burnt myself out and I got so overwhelmed by it all. I simply didn’t know whether I was coming or going. It was a mixture of starting a new business, trying to find my feet at my new job and trying to be a good Mum/Partner at the same time. It just consumes you doesn’t it! & that’s without all the adult stuff.. you know, cooking, cleaning..general running around..whilst trying to maintain family ties and friendships! Being an adult isn’t easy at times is it!! SO anyway, here I am now. I’ve taken a step back, and stripped it all back. I have decided to make more of a conscious effort to manage my time a little more efficiently so that I’m not stretching myself in a million directions at’s just not a way to live! Life is precious, and can be very short so I would rather put more of my time into making memories and focussing on my passions, so here I am 🙂 I can’t wait to properly fill you in on ‘Jax Bakes’ and share my journey with you while I grow. I’m so full of passion and ideas I tried to push it so hard at first which resulted in me burning myself out, so for now…I have decided to let it be more of a slow burner & I can’t wait to see what it grows in to 🙂 Thought I would keep this short and sweet, but don’t worry, ill be posting again in a few days time!

J x

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