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Why I won’t be publicly sharing anymore pictures of Joseph.


This is something that I have been wanting to do for a while, but typically I end up forgetting and posting a picture. I put myself out there a lot but I really want to keep my personal life and blogging life as seperate as possible. Of course that isn’t completely do’able but I just want to reign in what I share and keep some stuff for my friends and family.

I love sharing pictures of Joseph to my friends and family. I am a Mum, as far as I am concerned he is the most beautiful boy in the world and I want everyone to see that. However, as far as ‘blogging’ is concerned, I haven’t been fully comfortable with sharing his pictures and had no real intentions of doing it for long anyway. Alot of the pictures I post I do tend to hide his face however there are a few that have slipped through the net.  At first I felt as though for people to engage with me more on a personal level they would need to be familiar with us both and my partner. I never mention details about my BF because it’s not fair to assume he would be comfortable with it – he didn’t sign up for this, I did – just like Joseph hasn’t. For me though, what it comes down to is the fact that blogging and posting pictures is my decision, not Josephs. It is something that I wan’t to do & shouldn’t assume that he should be happy with that. That said I equally love seeing other Mums post pictures of their kids and I totally get why they do & they shouldn’t have to justify that but I don’t feel as though it is something I want to do anymore &I feel like I should at least give my readers an explanation. I am the  worst person at making solid decisions. I never feel fully confident with the ones that I make but I want to raise Joseph so that he is strong minded and sure of the decisions he is making. I don’t want to bring him up making all the decisions for him and assuming he want’s to do things when the chances are, he probably doesn’t. Of course, this won’t go for everything, there are going to have to be alot of decisions I make for him – I’m not having him rule the roost and dictating what fruit and veg he doesn’t eat 😉 but if there are decisions where it could define him as a person, I want him to be the one that makes them. This is my decision and my reasons but I totally understand everyone is different and I do not judge people on their decisions just like I hope people don’t judge me on mine. It is just something that I don’t feel comfortable doing. I know it is something that my partner doesn’t fully feel comfortable with either so I naturally have to respect his wishes too. I am fiercley protective of my family and feel like I am not honouring this if I go against something that I believe in. If anything though, I find it even more of a challenge to take some inventive photographs from behind or with his side profile. I will be sharing my tips for these along the way so keep updated! Thanks for reading x 

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  1. I totally get what you’re saying. I have never posted photos of J face on. Anything online can be found in years to come and I would hate for J to be picked on or feel like I didn’t respect him but putting lots of photos on. By being faceless I can talk more freely about him. As he gets older and understands what he’s consenting too then I can show his face 🙂

    1. Aww thanks so much for commenting! So nice to see that you understand!!! I just feel like I am exposing him when he doesn’t have to be! Totally get why people want to show off though but it’s personal choice isn’t it 😘 xxx

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