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20 Things To Do Before You’re 2


My little man is almost 15 months old *sob* and I am always trying to think of new things we can do together or experiences. The problem with me is I am more of a Mamaaa & this doesn’t always bode well with an overexcited toddler. For someone who is a worrier, by nature I can be a bit too laid back & roll with the punches. I have always relied on other people to make plans and decisions for me, however the more into Motherhood I get, I realise that I have this little incredible human relying on me for exactly that – so it’s time to up my game!!

For those very reasons I have written a list of things for Joseph to do by the time he is 2 & going forward I will do a new list for every year older he gets. We have already made a start on the list which I will be editing and ticking off throughout the next 9 months – so here goes; 

1 – Build a sandcastle with Mummy & Daddy

2 – Go on the London Eye

3 – Paint at a craft Pottery shop

4 – Go in the ‘Car Wash’ you get at petrol stations – Tick

5 – Visit the Colchester Zoo –

6 – Make Rock Cakes with Mummy

7 – Make a den with bedsheets – Tick

8 – Bounce on a trampoline together – Tick 

9 – Meet Father Christmas – Tick

10 – See the Reindeers – Tick

11 – Go for a meal with Mummy

12 – Start Swimming Lessons

13 – Visit Seaworld again now I’m older

14 – Eat on the floor together – tick (yesterday we both sat on the kitchen floor and ate a bowl of Cheerios! It was the sweetest moment,  & then my little Oliver Twist pushed his empty bowl towards me for moreeeeee – the little things!

15 – Ride the donkey at Greenwich Park like Mummy did when she was younger

16 – Go for a coffee with Daddy and have a Babycino

17 – Easter Egg hunt

18 – Visit the ‘Children’s Story Centre’

19 – Put wellies on and splash in puddles

20 – Catch a snowflake – failing that, pick up some frost from the Grass with Mummy 😉

I hope you can maybe make use of some of these ideas too, or if you have any for me, swing em’ my way ! X

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